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The more we engage in goal-oriented networking from general networking, the more frequent the positive encounters in our lives. Not only personal happiness through acquaintances can be multiplied – even for our professional career, vitamin B can work wonders.

What exactly is networking?

Networking describes how we treat people around us and how we cultivate existing and new contacts. All the people we meet in our lives have literally come into “contact” with us. Immediately, the counterparty is subconsciously analyzed to varying degrees and initially classified as sympathetic or unsympathetic. Once a basic sympathy has developed, it can develop into a friendship or business relationship. Exactly this rather random development can be strongly influenced by active networking.

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What do we need active networking for??

Which people do we want to win for ourselves? What do we expect from a new contact? In fact, the basic idea of ​​why we meet people is often selfish. Either we promise a good friendship or another benefit for us, which makes us happy. That’s a good thing – otherwise we could live alone in solitude!

Networking means “giving”

The first step of networking is not to see the benefit in the foreground, but rather to be able to offer the other person an added value, because it has an extremely attractive effect on our fellow human beings. We, too, are attracted to people who can give us something we ourselves may not be able to do.

However, if we feel that the other person is always demanding, it seems rather repugnant to us and we feel used. So make sure that you do not primarily engage in networking to capitalize on the contacts you’ve made, but make sure you have a healthy symbiosis – take your first step and plug into your network. Be there for your fellow human beings when they need your support and they will realize that you will get back a lot very quickly. This can be in the form of support, both in private and professional. Do you want to keep things flowing into your life randomly and unconsciously, or do you want to actively provide a wealth of positive encounters that will enrich your life?

How does successful networking work??

First step: make new contacts

Basically, everyone already has a certain network. So, before you start looking for new contacts, you can start refreshing your existing contacts. Call them, meet for a coffee or attend an event – show genuine interest!

You can also meet interesting new people through existing contacts, so do not be afraid to offer friends to bring unknown people to a meeting.

Next offer on so-called. Platforms such. As sports clubs, cocktail evenings, parties, public events, etc. numerous opportunities to get into conversation with people.

Here it is important that they feel comfortable in their element, because this has a very positive and attractive effect on the people around you.

Second step: make connection

Make sure that there is a reason for your counterpart to see you again. Whether it be the suggestion to make an appointment for sports together or to go for a beer – make a suggestion and let us give you the mobile number, for example.

After all, everyone is happy to have aroused interest in the other person.

Third step: network maintenance

All the trouble of meeting many and new people does not help, if the resulting contacts are not of high quality at the same time.

Make sure your contacts not only know you, but also have a good relationship with you.

It is advisable to make regular contact with each other in order to come closer again.

A joint lunch in the restaurant or a meeting with coffee and cake are z. For example, it’s a great way to share news and recover from everyday life.

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