Pediatric Dentistry

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You are looking for a competent and professional dental practice in Delmenhorst and the surrounding area, which focuses on the area of Pediatric Dentistry has specialized? One of the core competencies of dentist Tatjana Menkens-Siemers is that Pediatric Dentistry. Our nice staff looks forward to welcoming our little patients to our practice. If you would like individual advice, we look forward to hearing from you.

What is pediatric dentistry about??

In the Pediatric Dentistry special measures are taken to treat all diseases of the tooth, mouth and jaw from birth to puberty. But the Pediatric Dentistry differs significantly from adult dentistry because the child’s dentition is still developing. The children have milk teeth and only get their permanent teeth from around the age of 6. Furthermore, the psychological circumstances accompanying child treatment differ significantly from adult psychology. Since many of the treatment of children differs from adult treatment, they cannot and must not be treated with the same dental procedures as for adults. As a result, other treatment concepts must be applied that are based on the anatomical and physiological properties of children. The treatment areas in the Pediatric Dentistry are:

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Pediatric Dentistry

Does your child need a pediatric dentist in Berlin Moabit? – We offer this particularly important component in our range of services

Fear of the dentist does not have to be: the best protection for dental health in children and the avoidance /> Health starts in the mouth. A healthy dental apparatus is particularly important for natural development in children.
From our professional experience in Norway, where pediatric dentistry plays a central role in health care, we recommend a visit to the pediatric dentist from the age of 1. The focus here is on advising parents on oral health. During this initial contact, topics such as fluoridation, pacifiers, water bottles and nutrition are also discussed. The other dates should then take place every six months. This also has the advantages that a positive relationship with the dentist is established and regular checks take place.

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Pediatric dentist Berlin Charlottenburg

Dentist for children – Painless dental treatment for your child

Pediatric dentist Berlin – The foundation stone for lifelong healthy teeth is laid in childhood. Unfortunately, the same also applies to the fear of the child first visit to the dentist or children’s dentist Berlin. Many children experience having a dentist Stress and pain connected is. It is especially important for children that they experience the trip to the children’s dentist positively and are happy to come back. A trusting relationship is the right basis for this. But how do you get children to trust their dentist??

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Hello, I am Dr. Anne Winkler – dentist and mother of two children. Children’s dentistry gives me great pleasure. I enjoyed treating children and young people right from the start of my professional life. It was logical to deepen this area. I successfully completed the pediatric dentistry curriculum. Now I’m happy to offer this focus in our family dentist’s office.

With healthy teeth, the foundation stone for a healthy life is laid in childhood. In order to achieve this, we also involve trained colleagues. In the event of misaligned teeth or speech disorders, we contact our network and consider a good way of treatment with you and the children.

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The little ones are afraid of going to the dentist?

Dentistry suitable for children and young people

Certification by APW and DGKiZ

Dr. Gudrun Stähler has had additional extensive special training with a final examination and certification (curriculum pediatric and adolescent dentistry) since 2007 – recertification in December 2012 and 2017 – and is recommended as a certified member by the German Society for Pediatric Dentistry (

Child-friendly treatment plays an extremely important role for little patients. Parents should devote as much care and attention to the development of the jaw, teeth and oral cavity as any other developmental step in their child.

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Pediatric anesthesia at the dentist

While many adults get wet hands when thinking about the dentist, it is often an insurmountable hurdle for the little patient to get treatment from the dentist. Simple check-ups often end with plenty of tears and a completely dissolved child. But what if the examination reveals that something has to be done on one of the teeth? If children are generally afraid of the dentist and treatment is not feasible under normal circumstances, there is the option of treating children under anesthesia. Supervised by an anesthetist, the children fall into one short but deep sleep, which enables the dentist to carry out the necessary treatment safely and in peace. The risk of unforeseen and jerky movements is particularly high in children, so that there is a certain danger if the dentist is currently handling the drill or other instruments in the mouth.

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children anesthesia

Don’t be afraid of the dentist thanks to children’s anesthesia

If empathy alone is not enough, other means are needed. Pediatric anesthesia enables anxious and defensive children to receive gentle and stress-free treatment at the dentist. Parents can read here how anesthesia works for our offspring in our practice and what needs to be considered for pediatric anesthesia.

When is pediatric anesthesia used??

Whether an accident, illness or caries, sometimes the dentist has to perform an operation that cannot be done without anesthesia. Severe pain or fear cannot easily be talked away in small patients.

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