The 1000 k challenge – hiking for a good cause – 2-way website!

The 1000 k challenge - hiking for a good cause - 2-way website!

The 1000 K Challenge – hiking for a good cause

If you’ve been with us for some time, then you know that Miriam and I are more of an unusual travel style. Beach and all inclusive is not our thing, we always prefer something wilder and more adventurous. Last year was really great and we have experienced incredible things – but this year we want to raise that to a new level. 2018 will be all about hiking! Out in nature, we are happiest, and we want to enjoy it in the coming year. At the same time we would like to face a challenge: a total of 1000 km should be this year! Of course, such an action also needs a name: the 1000 K Challenge.

Where will we be traveling??

As part of the 1000 K Challenge, we will be doing at least five multi-day long-distance hikes this year, especially in Nepal. Although we have been living here for more than five years, we still know too little about the country. It starts with the Upper Mustang Trek. In March we will be in 10 days to the capital Lo Manthang of the Kingdom of Mustang. Mystic monasteries in caves are waiting for us and I’m sure it will be a great experience.

The second highlight will follow in April: Everest Basecamp. With a detour to the Gokyo Lakes, Miriam and I will be climbing up to Everest Basecamp in 14 days to see the highest mountain in the world. We have already had experience with altitude in Peru, but I think that will be one of the most strenuous hikes we have planned.

In the summer we will be traveling in Europe. Here we would like to explore the Alpe Adria Trail, on foot from Germany through Austria and Slovenia to Italy. How long we will be on the road and where we are coming, we have not decided yet – only that as much as possible Slovenia should be in there we already know.

Nepal will be back in September: we will run the Annapurna Basecamp Trek. Ten days to the foot of the mighty Annapurna massif – we are looking forward to the great views that we will have there.

At the end of our hiking year we want to do the Langtang Trek. Depending on how much time we have left, we will spend eight to fourteen days following the tracks of the Tamang on the Heritage Trail and ascend to the sacred lakes in Gosainkund. I’m sure that will be a great graduation!

These five long distance hikes together have about 750 km, so there are still 250 missing to make our 1000 full. We will do this in shorter tours, either day trips or weekends. But we are sure that there will be some dream hikes again.

Hiking for a good cause

We are looking forward to the start of our 1000 K Challenge – but at the same time we also considered how to use this action for something good. And so we came up with the idea of ​​collecting donations for projects that are close to our hearts. Miriam and I have long considered whether we can agree on a project, but eventually decided that we wanted to support two projects.

Miriam’s project

One year ago Miriam developed the idea to help the donkeys there on the hike to Poon Hill in the Annapurna area. Many villages can only be reached on foot and donkeys and ponies have to carry all goods there. Unfortunately, many animals are not treated well, we have seen many with bloody back and shackles. Miriam would like to save old donkeys and set up a rescue station for these animals, where they can spend a nice evening of life. Land is available to us in Kaule, we have already made initial contacts and Miriam gushes with ideas. She has already spent some of her pocket money and birthday money to save on her project and has been following the idea for more than a year. I just love her commitment and would like to support her. In the next few weeks, we will initiate further steps and officially register the project.

Eva’s project

As most people know, I’ve been working with farmers in Kaule for more than five years to help them find alternative sources of income and make a living on more reliable ground. Since our office building unfortunately fell victim to the earthquake, we plan to build a community center in the same location. We have made great plans in collaboration with a Nepalese architectural firm, and now it is time to collect donations for the construction. In the community center, all local organizations should have an office, there will be a training hall and a homeschooling classroom after school. It should be a place for all generations, the Kaule advances and has exemplary function for other communities – together, you can create something!

Donations – how are things going??

We thought it would be great if there were some people willing to spend a certain amount per kilometer or so on Miriams or my project. At the end of each month, we would tell the donors how many kilometers there were and the corresponding amount can be transferred directly to the donations account of our partner association Pumamaqui e.V. There will be a donation receipt at the end of the year.

On our blog and our other social media channels, we will of course constantly post updates – for each hike there will be an article and at least one video and on Facebook and Instagram you can join us in a timely manner. Are you joining us? We would be very happy if we could get a decent donation together!

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