The advantages of cerec ceramic inlays – dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

The advantages of cerec ceramic inlays - dentist ulm hans-georg stromeyer

Cerec ceramic inlays

The most beautiful and durable type of dental fillings in the posterior region

That Ceramic inlays * look very good and have a long shelf life, you probably already know. But what does that mean? "Cerec"**? It stands for CEramic REConstruction, in German about "Restoration with ceramics".

What are the advantages of this kind of inlays? That a ceramic tooth filling in most cases within a session can be made and used by the dentist. Without imprint. Without provisional. And usually without a second appointment. This is made possible by modern technology. What advantages this has for you, you will learn now:

The benefits of ceramics

More and more dentists today recommend their patients pure ceramics for fillings and dentures. There are several reasons for this:

  • Ceramics are a very good biocompatible material
  • It has a high stability and abrasion resistance and therefore lasts a long time
  • There is no interaction with any metals in the mouth (crowns, bridges, etc.)
  • Ceramic does not discolor and always remains beautiful

How does Cerec work??

To better understand the benefits of this method, you need to know how to make ceramic inlays normally:

The dentist needs an impression ("imprint") Make your teeth for the dental lab (which is for people with retching not always pleasant. )
Until your ceramic inlay is done, you need to provisional wear (which can sometimes fall out)
If your inlay is ready after one to two weeks, you need one second appointment in practice
Mostly you need again an anesthetic injection for inserting the inlay

Pretty cumbersome and time consuming so. With the Cerec device inlays can be made in your presence in the field immediately. This is easier, faster and more convenient:

  • Instead of an impression, the dentist makes one digital recording Your teeth. This is fast and does not cause any gagging.
  • The data is transferred to a computer
  • The inlay will constructed on the screen
  • Then the machine grinds within a few minutes the inlay of a ceramic block
  • Then the inlay can be used, adjusted and polished.

The whole thing takes depending on the size of the inlay one to one and a half hours.

If teeth are not naturally normal in shape, or if they are no longer beautiful due to chipping or wear, the dentist can (again) give them an attractive and harmonious shape. Read on the next page how "Beauty repairs" Make your teeth look much better.

* inlay: Insert filling made outside the mouth of ceramics or gold and then fixed in the tooth with cement or special plastics.

** Cerec is a registered trademark of Sirona

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