Tips for the perfect winter day in Trondheim

Tips for the perfect winter day in Trondheim

Actually, Trondheim was just a stopover on our way to Lofoten. Something has given us when planning your trip, but the feeling that the third largest city in Norway must have more to offer than a Hurtigruten investors. Without further ado, we planned a day in Trondheim both on the way and the return trip and fell in love: in an almost small-town atmosphere, colorful wooden houses and cozy cafés.

Even in the winter around the shortest day is worth a trip to Trondheim. Of course, it is only light for a few hours, but a long twilight, cheesy sunsets and especially this unique light are worth to travel even in icy temperatures in the winter.

In the sunset on the banks of the Nidelva

The journey to Trondheim was completely unproblematic with the Norwegian NSB train. From Oslo you reach the third largest city in Norway after about 6 hours drive at the central station. The ride is wonderfully relaxing, at the end of December the tour took us through a wonderful winter wonderland with great views.

# 1: View of Trondheim at sunrise – Kristiansten Fortress

In winter, the sun does not rise until 10 o’clock. On a radiantly beautiful winter’s day like ours you can literally watch as house by house is bathed in a warm golden light. About 10 minutes’ walk from the city center takes us to Kristiansten Fortress, which has a picturesque view of Trondheim and the fjord.

# 2: One two three very many colorful cottages – Gamle Bybru

Following the footpath from the fortress in the direction of Fjord along the world’s only bicycle lift, the path leads to the famous Gamle Bybru and the view of pretty colorful wooden houses – the postcard motif of Trondheim, which looks even more beautiful in the rising morning sun. Great photo spots can also be found along the Nidelva to the opposite bridge Bakka Bybro.

Just walk between the houses in the direction of the shore and every time throw a new most beautiful perspective on Trondheim’s postcard scenery. And of course at any time of day or night. On the way from Gamle Bybru to Bakka Bybro, it is best to stroll through the streets of Bakklandet.

# 3: Windschief, colorful and very cozy – Baklandet Skydsstation

As for Baklandet. In perhaps the most beautiful district of Trondheim we ate in the evening in the winding Skydsstation. The house dates back to the 18th century and has experienced a lot before its time as one of the best cafes in Norway: as a dairy, laundry, in between as a carpentry or horse stables. Today it is privately owned and enchants beside its optics above all with the great, homemade kitchen!

Tomato fish soup with salmon, vegetables and homebaked bread Reindeer stew Norwegian cheesecake with blueberry sauce

# 4: The best coffee in the city | Dromedar coffee bar

At the end of December we are trudging through Trondheim at minus 14 degrees – no wonder we explored the café scene of the city in such cold temperatures. The Dromedar coffee bar There are four times in the city – perfect. Coffee is available in great variations, and the hot chocolate is great. The best way to get a seat by the window and watch the snow on the street.

# 5: Pink Vintage Kitsch and Sweet Pie Trifles – Fairytale Cupcakes

Update July 2018: Unfortunately, Fairytale Cupcakes has closed. We hope that the shop will open again – unfortunately the shop was completely cleared, so we can not assume at the moment. &# 128577;

For sweet beaks, vintage lovers and pink girl dreams it is Fairytale cupcakes a mandatory visit. The cupcakes are truly the best I’ve ever tasted. Fluffy chocolate muffin and a super raspberry-fruity cream – terrific! If you like it more hearty you can also order delicious Smørrebrød here. Tea is served in delicious cheesy-sweet pots, the hot chocolate with a straw in the glass, plus a decent portion of mini marshmallows as a topping.

And what else is there to see?

Gamle Bybru is only a few meters away from Nidaros Cathedral, the cathedral of Tondheim. With the sun setting behind it a great motive. Over the snow-covered meadows we trudge towards the bank of the Nidelva and follow the way back towards the city center. Of course, taking photos in icy temperatures is not for everyone. Do not worry – even if you do not want to stand between wooden houses and take pictures Trondheim will inspire you in winter. For example with great museums, when outside the sun has long gone down.

Do you have any other tips for Trondheim? Which other Norwegian city, large or small, can you recommend us? We are happy to receive all tips for our next tour in the far north!

Many thanks to Visit Norway and NSB for supporting our trip to Trondheim.

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