To holland, infos and tips for holidays and emigration

To holland, infos and tips for holidays and emigration

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Holland, which is actually called Netherlands

Even if Holland is on everyone’s lips, officially the country is called Netherlands. Holland is only the western part, consisting of the provinces of North and South Holland. Because these provinces are not only the most populous, but there is also the capital Amsterdam and the seat of government of The Hague, it is not surprising that the name Holland is widespread abroad as well as inland.

Each year to travel more than 11 million tourists from all over the world to our neighboring country to spend their holidays there. Interesting cities, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and miles of sandy beaches on the North Sea offer a lot of potential for one vacation in Holland.

Many like it so much in Holland that they stay forever. It is about 100,000 people who go to Holland every year emigrate. The freedom of movement for the EU and low unemployment figures ensure that many Germans also choose the Netherlands as their new home.

The Netherlands With a population of approximately 16.7 million to 41528 km², it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. And although over 18% of the surface consists of water and there are actually no million cities.

The country lives up to its name. Large parts of the country are located around or even below sea level. The officially lowest point is in the Zuidplaspolder at -6.76 m, the highest is the Vaalserberg with 322.7 m.

To stay with the numbers, in the Netherlands there are about 1170 windmills, not counting the new wind turbines. Among them are the 19 mills of Kinderdijk, which have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997, and the mills of Schiedam, the highest classical windmills in the world.

Holland is also known for his tulips. Introduced for the first time from Turkey in the 16th century, the plant blooms every year on approximately 13,000 hectares in all colors and attracts crowds of visitors. Tourists from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the growing areas to admire the tulip fields and visit the famous tulip park Keukenhof.

Whether to the tulip fields or other natural beauties in Holland, the country explores best with the bicycle. There is hardly a country in the world with such an excellent and wide network of cycle paths. And Holland is so flat, cycling is a pleasure, even for beginners and children.

To Holland wishes you a wonderful time and a lot of fun!

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