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Every year again

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Every year again …

In the Christmas bakery…

No, this is not a collection of atmospheric Christmas carols, but the description of a wonderful and cherished tradition.

Every year, on the day before the first Advent, we are allowed to transform the house of our dear friends into a pigsty, a pre-Christmas bakery. It is rolled, rolled, chatted, eaten, drunk and of course baked. And lots of sweet delicacies. Accompanied by Christmas music and creative chaos, delicious Christmas fragrance lingers through the air for hours, while huge amounts of flour and sugar land on the floor. How well that our four-legged “vacuum cleaner robot” Figo (sorry, he is not in the trade) is always on the spot and disposed of the grossest dirt quickly and effectively.

Before I come to the recipes and the delicious cookies, I would like to introduce you to the host of this great event. My girlfriend Karen.

A very special friendship:

Karen has been with me for more than half my life and with her I have been through the entire time of my studies. On the first day of our semester, we ran into each other’s arms and have never let go since then. Karen is just something special. A person who is swimming at my wavelength and without the need for many words knows what I think or feel. I associate her with 30 million hours of conversation, mostly at her cozy dining table in the kitchen of her student apartment. In this apartment everything became; really everything discussed. And that gladly detailed and detailed. The alternative was always the learning and while our classmates diligently buffed, we talked shop about God and the world. And also about what if …?

What happened if…?

What if we talked so long that we can not do it in time to learn and one of us rattles through the exam? We did this so extensively that the learning time actually shrank rapidly and we (almost always) had to spend several days a day-and-night learning time. And because we would much rather do other things, such as Poems on the subject: what if I fall through the exam …? write, oblique record highly professional singing or make nonsense pictures. We let our imagination run wild and outbid us in terms of parody and self-irony. These were really the great moments of my student days. How good that at that time there was no internet (yes, we are already that old); who knows what else would be buzzing about us on the net?!

Student “food”:

Unfortunately, the price we had to pay for the learning alternatives was regularly very high. Most of the time it meant to learn the entire substance of an anatomy test, not as recommended, in several weeks, but in 72 hours (yes, hours). 72 killer hours in a row. With very short phases of sleep. In this (and actually during the entire study period), we did not feed ourselves on student food, but rather on a well-known spaghetti brand “with the original seasoning mix” and TK pizzas. After said 72 hours, we regularly looked like night owls and felt that way too. And on the day of the exam, we felt like night owls who had to slaughter. Well, night owls do not want anyone and they are slaughtered extremely rare, but what I want to convey to you is the terrible mimimi feeling that we had at the end of such a learning marathon.


And so that in case of the case the deep fall of night owls would not be too painful, we made regular bets the day before the test. These should only serve to cheer up the one of us who would fall through the test. And because it was a very tricky matter to define a comforting bet, many hours went by on the day before the exam. Which, of course, did not necessarily improve our learning performance (is clear), but at least it promised us a life after the slaughterhouse.

And? What do you think: how many wagers we had to redeem? You will not believe it, because we were least able to do it: not one! Actually a bit too bad, because the rewards would have been really great, but of course we were happy too. Above all, that we had invested only 72 hours of our lives in the respective attestation and the rest in the really important issues of life. An admittedly not really recommended learning method. And even if I have not known all the muscles and nerves of the human body for a long time, the poem we have written about it, I can still do that today.

The classic:

Funny (but only with hindsight) was in one of our poetically recorded testates, for example. the fact that during the learning phase my girlfriend always messed up her arm and leg bones. I do not know how many times I had to say-prayer mill-like: “The humerus is on the arm and the femur on the leg!” And I do not know how many times I heard exactly the opposite of it. In any case, it was often enough, because in the end I put the arm bone in the test unerringly and convincingly to the leg. Great!

Well, those were times …


And even if we now have to close the 100 km and we had to significantly reduce the times of the common nonsense, so we enjoy the moments in which we see each other all the more. Incidentally, Karen works as a doctor, psychological counselor and HR / Business / Hypno Coach in Neumünster. So if you happen to be living near them and need a warmhearted, empathic and professional medical adviser, then I warmly recommend their Karen’s website.

But now to the cookies.

Unfortunately, I did not get all the cookie recipes and stupidly, the quality of the photos due to the lighting conditions z.T. quite modest, but there are some very special recipes for you. And since we bake all year again, I still have a little time to let me give the missing recipes or to optimize my photo-arts. But, you know, you have to set priorities …

The first recipe comes from dear Nina, who you can also visit on Instagram.

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