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Cheap travel

The word cheap travel first has a taste, because one immediately thinks of rundown hotels and bad service. But cheap travel can also be very different if you keep some basics in mind when planning your trip and follow our saving tips.

Quick Overview: Top holiday destinations for cheap travel

holiday destination Info Current travel offers
1. Turkey cheap luxury hotels with “All In” current cheap travel from 219 EUR
2. Bulgaria cheap to the gold beach & sun beach current cheap travel from 258 EUR
3. Egypt the popular and cheap classic current cheap travel from 261 EUR

First of all, there are some destinations that are perfect for cheap travel as there are cheap airlines and affordable hotels. The accommodations range up to the luxury class. The term cheap travel therefore refers purely to the price of your holiday, not the quality of your trip.

Cheap holidays can also be unforgettable holidays

Cheap travel destinations and deals for cheap travel

If you first want to get an overview of the prices for cheap travel, then check for example here the current last minute offers. Currently there is a 50 EUR money-back voucher for your bookings at A price comparison for cheap holidays, there is also here at Holidaycheck.

Granted, there are some destinations in the world that are not necessarily cheap for cheap travel due to their high cost of living. These include, for example, tropical island paradises such as the Maldives or Seychelles, but here, too, we reveal some tricks for cheaper travel.

Let’s just start with the holiday destinations that offer the perfect deals for cheap travel in the price segment under 350 euros per person. In the course of the text, we will also present cheap long-haul destinations, but we start with fast-reachable destinations under 5 hours flight time.

Tip 1 for cheap travel: Turkey

Turkey is still the classic among cheap travel, the many large hotel resorts often undercut themselves with low prices. This means for you: With a little luck, you can find incredible cheap deals in a luxurious resort right on the beach – there are already offers from 220 EUR including flight!

Especially important for your budget when traveling cheaply: Most Turkey hotels offer all inclusive catering at the highest level. So despite the low price, there are delicious buffets at any time of the day and your drinks are already included. Since one can only say: This is cheap travel top class!

Tip 2 for cheap travel: Bulgaria

Bulgaria has relegated to Majorca especially with cheap travel for teenagers and party vacationers in recent years. For a good reason: There are a variety of cheap hotels well below 300 EUR and the regions Golden Sands / Sunny Beach are notorious for wild parties worldwide.

Compared to cheap travel in Turkey, Bulgaria is much wilder. If you are looking for relaxation and recreation, this is not necessarily the right place. Good for cheap travel: The drinks in the bars, restaurants and clubs are still very cheap. That spares the additional costs!

Tip 3 for cheap travel: Egypt

A real paradise for cheap travel is Egypt, as well as the price-performance ratio is absolutely convincing. The political unrest in Egypt is over, tourism has slowly recovered. However, the big resorts still attract bargains and cheap travel to lure the tourists back into the country.

You can expect beautiful beaches, great weather and crystal clear water ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. Cheap holidays for 4-5 star hotels start especially in the low season at around 300 euros per person including flights and all inclusive for a week dream vacation.

Tip 4 for cheap travel: Spain

In Mallorca, Ibiza and the Canary Islands, prices have gone up in recent years, but Spain has much more to offer for cheap travel than its islands: how about the mainland of Spain? Above all, the Costa Brava offers you cheap travel from 250 euros and great landscapes.

The region lies directly on the wild coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia and delights with hospitality, charming fincas and romantic sunsets. The Costa Brava is very varied and home to quiet villages and the bustling places Calella and Lloret de Mar.

Tip 5 for cheap travel: Tunisia

If you are looking for package deals with Sonnengarantie and cheap as possible, Tunisia should focus on. The country is always somewhat in the shadow of Egypt and Turkey when it comes to cheap travel, but vacationers are always thrilled: for a small budget, there are great deals with all the comforts!

Djerba is slightly more expensive, the cheapest prices for cheap travel to Tunisia can be found in the regions of Hammamet and Monastir. There are great destinations for cheap beach holiday and the thermometer shows even in October still warm 28 degrees air temperature. Ideal travel time for beach holidays: May to early November!

Cheap travel: The best destinations for cheap long-distance travel

holiday destination Info Current travel offers
1. Sri Lanka Great holiday is still cheap here Cheap travel 1 week from 629 EUR
2. Thailand most popular long-distance destination for cheap travel Cheap holidays 1 week from 608 EUR
3. Cape Verde Top destination in Africa with dream beaches Cheap holidays 1 week from 551 EUR

Asia, Caribbean and Co: Are there cheap fares even in the distance??

You can already see in the overview above, that traveling to distant destinations can be cheap – or at least cheaper than you would expect. Of course, it always depends on the destination region. You can make special bargains for your vacation if you are ready to take some risk in the weather.

Logically – at the best travel time, the prices in Thailand, Sri Lanka or the Caribbean are much higher. But do you really think you can not spend a wonderful holiday in tropical regions the rest of the year? Take, for example, the climate table and the best travel time for Thailand: In Khao Lak there is rainy season from May to October, and you can also go on fantastic budget holidays during this time. After all, it often only rains very hard for a short time and then clears up again.

The same applies to the Caribbean: We were already in the hurricane season in the DomRep, in Barbados and on the Antilles islands Martinique and every time lucky with the weather. In return, we were rewarded with empty dream beaches and had many attractions all to ourselves – clearly cheaper was the trip, of course! But even in the main season, there are cheap travel, especially for destinations in Asia & Africa.

Amazing cheap long-distance travel

Cheap Travel with In-the-Holiday Voucher: It works?

Especially with cheap travel many vacationers are looking for ways to push the price a bit down. Since travel agencies also have to live on anything, discounts and cashback on travel are among the absolute exceptions. The situation is different with the online booking: For example, the provider Ab-in-den-Urlaub is currently promoting a 50 EUR voucher for every booking.

But does that work? There are some media reports about customers who have never received their money. We can not confirm that, on the contrary: With three bookings, the payoff worked perfectly. Of course, the voucher conditions must be fully complied with, so it is worth a look in the fine print to the minimum value or type of your cheap travel. But basically yes, it works.

Another way to book a vacation cheaper could be cashback portals like Here you register, then click on a link to the travel portal of your choice and participate in the commission with up to 50 EUR (depending on the provider). Here, too, there is a lot of saving potential! But if you are not 100% sure you should visit the travel agency. The prices are the same as online, you have a competent contact and usually very good advice!

Cheap Travel: The Best Vacation Destinations for Every Travel Time

Of course, there are many more destinations that may be suitable for your holiday. It is usually difficult in the German winter months, if you are looking for beach vacation. The European goals are now too cold for swimming, also Egypt and Turkey have more “sweatshirt” weather. So there are only the much more expensive destinations in the distance.

To overview we have put together the best goals for each month. From holidays in January to Easter holidays in April and the holiday season for holidays in July to holiday destinations for cheap holidays in October. Click through times to get more information on the best travel time!

Even for little money, there are great trips to book

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