Where to go on vacation: theme parks and zoos

Where to go on vacation: theme parks and zoos

Where to go on vacation: amusement parks and zoos

Where to go on vacation – amusement parks and zoos: During the summer holidays, many amusement parks offer events for holiday children. Animal parks and zoos can be visited all year round. Some parks also have special summer vacation deals for children. Who has opened where and when, FamilienkulTour helps with ideas.

You will find amusement parks, game reserves, animal parks and zoos on a family culture tour

An alternative to traveling is perhaps that Family trip to the wildlife park around the corner or a side trip to an exciting one zoo. Then there may be a few kilometers more. Or how about a trip towards amusement park? There are many parks all over Germany, small and large, that offer a wide range. As a surprise, there may also be an overnight stay if the budget allows. An exciting experience for children.

Contact with animals is important for children. These do not have to be exotic, especially small children often have a lot more fun, e.g. in the petting zoo to be allowed to feed the goats and get closer to the animals than to watch tigers in the cage. It doesn’t always have to be extraordinary when the “known animal” is waiting very close. Many animal parks also have animal feedings in the program that children can watch. Check when these dates are and offer them to the children as a small highlight. Many animal parks also have small playgrounds, here you can also take a break and unpack a snack you brought with you. If you live near a larger city, a trip to the zoo is also worthwhile. Such an excursion can also be organized under a certain motto. This time we visit the birds e.g. It is fun to watch a book or two or a film with the children in advance. The children then have the task of looking for certain bird species in the zoo. So the visit to the zoo becomes a little game and, with luck, there is also a learning effect.

Where to go on vacation:

You will find big and small on FamilienkulTour Parks, Zoos and animal parks, but also the small game enclosures, which you can quickly visit on a Sunday afternoon with children. The family does not always have to wander far. You can find out what is nearby in our zoos and zoos section.

Many providers also have holiday activities for children in the program. Just have a look or ask directly. Worth it.

Enter your zip code and look for nearby amusement parks and zoos. You will definitely find what you are looking for.

The team from Familienkultour wishes you happy holidays

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