Augsburg with children – 20 destinations for families

Augsburg with child – 20 goals for families

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Augsburg, quietly located on the outskirts of Upper Bavaria, and yet in the middle of Swabia. What does Augsburg, Bavaria’s third largest city, actually offer for families? And isn’t sight-seeing with children totally boring or exhausting? It is worth visiting the Fuggerstadt?

I say yes. Okay, I don’t live too far away. Nevertheless; Augsburg is a wonderful destination for a day trip. But children often find city tours boring. That’s why I made the effort to take a look, to discover Augsburg from a child’s perspective: simply different or more suitable for children. There are now even city tours for children! But that’s not all; I have compiled my top 20 here on the blog.

And you can do that with children in Augsburg:

Take a look at the Fuggerei in the middle of Augsburg

The Fuggerei, the oldest social settlement in the world, invites you to take a walk in the small streets and take a look at the small houses. There is also a Christmas tree sale here in winter. And: no traffic!

Watch a children’s performance in the small cinemas

Augsburg still has it: tiny cinemas, halls with a maximum of 20 seats. Wonderful family and cozy! Enjoy a big bag of fresh popcorn and family cinema!

Liliom, Thalia and Savoy are the names of the three small cult cinemas in the heart of Augsburg.

Take a round through Augsburg with the local train

The local train in Augsburg is a great experience with children: You see Augsburg from a completely different side! The journey in a classic rail car takes around 1.5 hours.

Visit the Augsburg doll box

Kasperl, Urmel and Lukas the engine driver: The Augsburg doll box is usually fully booked, so make a reservation! Spontaneous visitors simply go to the neighboring museum and ask if they can take a look behind the scenes! The doll box is a cult for families visiting Augsburg!

Augsburg: View from the town hall window

Go on a Roman trail in the cathedral district of Augsburg

Augsburg’s cathedral district is crisscrossed by small alleys and very charming localities. But the Romans also left their mark here: Little explorers are in the right place here! And it’s not far to the city center.

Animals guess at the Augsburg Zoo

The Augsburg Zoo has been known to families around for a long time; but how about some variety? Give the children tasks they need to solve on the way. A large playground with a snack bar provides relaxation, for toddlers there is an age-appropriate playground at the restaurant. Coffee in sight!

Cheer on the FCA in the family block of the WWK-Arena

FC Augsburg plays in the first Bundesliga: in the WWK stadium there is a family block for parents with their children. Here you can see Bundesliga live! For the little ones: take hearing protection with you! A family experience of the sporty kind.

Great fun for older children: a game day at the FCA

Let the children play in the children’s bakery at Café Himmelgrün

The child-friendly Café Himmelgrün in downtown Augsburg is equipped with a small children’s bakery to play on the inside and a sandpit with sun protection on the terrace on the outside. Vegan and vegetarian delicacies and bread from the organic bakery complete the breakfast. The Lech invites you to stroll within sight and the city gallery (shopping!) Is not far either.

Have a picnic in the botanical garden

Botanical garden – sounds boring? No; here it is car-free, there is a large playground and the butterflies fly around your nose. You can have a wonderful picnic on the meadows or by the stream. Parents can relax wonderfully on the loungers while the huts do gymnastics over the lawn. The Augsburg Botanical Garden is my top tip for 2018! And the entry is also dirt cheap.

Go on a treasure hunt in the Siebentischwald

The Siebentischwald is Augsburg’s green lung in the middle of the city. The forest borders the zoo, university and botanical garden. Duck pond, playgrounds, beer garden, mini golf course, training path – or simply go for a walk, determine leaves, collect stones, play hide and seek and have a picnic. This is the seven-table forest.

Feel like a fairy tale in the Golden Hall

The Golden Hall can be found in the Augsburg City Hall. You can visit the hall for a small fee. If your children just love princesses and knights, take a detour here. It sparkles everywhere, even the ceiling is gilded. Completely. And the view is great too. Afterwards you can have a delicious coffee down at Rathausplatz or try a cake special at Café Eber.

Visit the adventure playground in the hammer mill

Augsburg is barren? Are the kids completely bored? Are you mobile? Then drive to the adventure playground in the Hammerschmiede / Lechhausen. Whole generations have already had their own adventures here.

Paddle through Augsburg in a rowing boat (boat trip)

The Augsburg boat trip, right in the center. In warm weather, you can sit outside in the beer garden and rent a small rowboat. And then it starts: Paddle ahoy!

Get in touch in the balloon museum

The balloon museum is located in Gersthofen in front of Augsburg. There’s hot air ballooning, history, records and technology. There are special tours for kindergartens and the traveling balloon museum also visits kindergartens in the area. Children’s activity days take place in autumn.

Stroll along the Kuhsee and eat ice cream

The Kuhsee in Augsburg – Augsburg’s bathers are bustling here in summer. Sloping gently, kiosk and toilet, clean water: you like to share the place of relaxation with others. But even in moderate weather, I like to recommend the walk around the Kuhsee. It’s just nice there. And brunch is good in the lake lounge.

Discover the small streets with their streams in the old town (water path)

Augsburg is not called "Little Venice" for nothing: Many small streams of water run through the Fuggerstadt. In the old town, the rushing of water is a wonderful backdrop. Just discover the streets without a plan, always after the watercourses. Sometimes you discover hidden treasures. If the offspring is old enough, a disposable camera presses them into their hands: make a photo safari out of your walk!

Watch the canoeists practice in the meadow on the ice canal and take a walk to the high drain

The Augsburg ice channel is REALLY cold. So you’d better watch canoeists jet down the former World Championship course. Here it is easy to endure under the trees, and those who have bumblebees in the rear hike to the high outlet. The water of the Lech is dammed up there, it is not far. If you want to continue hiking, you will find wonderful nature along the banks of the Lech.

Watching stars in the Augsburg Planetarium

The planetarium has beautiful and changing programs for children: from polar bears to Peterchen’s moon trip. It’s fun even in the blazing heat or blowing snow. A wonderful experience, especially in midsummer, because it is nice and cool.

Experience nature at the CityFarm Augsburg

The CityFarm Augsburg is a communal farm in the middle of Augsburg. Vegetable garden, rabbits, sheep – families can simply switch off here. The CityFarm also offers different courses, also for children.

Plärrer move in Augsburg

Seasonal in Augsburg

  • In winter, visit the children’s Christmas market on Moritzplatz
  • Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Middle Ages at the Medieval Festival in the old town every year: there is a lot to do for children!
  • Easter at Augsburg Zoo
  • The “Plärrer” (Easter and Fall); Swabia’s largest folk festival in the middle of Augsburg
  • Car enthusiasts look forward to the oldtimer ralley in Augsburg
  • If it rains, many parents and their offspring are drawn to “Tigaland”, an indoor playground in Augsburg (I affectionately call these indoor playgrounds “Infekt-Café”)
  • It’s scorching hot, off to the natural swimming pool in Haunstetten: Babies, toddlers and children of all ages are welcome here. In Augsburg itself, Anno Dazumal’s old city pool invites you to relax every day at 28 degrees warm water

Zack, done! I could write a lot more, but then nobody reads it anymore. I’d rather make multiple posts, right? Which of you was already in Augsburg? Or do you even live in the area? Do you have favorite places?

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