Bonus booklet: so you save yourself high dentist costs, dentolo

Bonus booklet: so you save yourself high dentist costs, dentolo

The bonus booklet – this is how the bonus system works

Who leads his bonus booklet regularly saves money. Cash patients receive a bonus grant for dental treatment. Find out here how often the visit to the dentist is needed and how high the additional bonus is.

How does the bonus booklet work for the dentist??

The bonus booklet documents the willingness of the patient to take regular check-ups at the dentist. In return for his care in the prophylaxis, the patient receives an additional subsidy for dentures. Occasional checks are not sufficient.

Only regular visits to the dentist from the age of five, which are documented without gaps, lead to an increase of the subsidy by 20 percent. After 10 years of regular visits to the dentist, the fixed subsidy of your health insurance company increases by 30 percent.

The grant applies only to dentures

The bonus grant applies only to dentistry. But just with dentures a cost reduction is relieving. If the patient does not have a complete bonus booklet, he still has to pay about 50 percent of the cost of his denture, even if he only chooses the standard care.

With a carefully kept booklet, the patient gets another 20 or 30 percent subsidy on the remaining own contribution.

How much subsidy will you receive now??

Let’s say you choose a bridge supply and have a bonus of 330 € without a bonus book. If you have the booklet 5 years (10 years), you get a 20 (30) percent increase in the grant of 396 (429 €).

Keep in mind that you will not be reimbursed for a total of 80 or 70 percent of the total cost, as the additional grant only applies to the basic grant and not to the total cost of the dentures.

So you get a reimbursement of about 60 percent (65 percent) of the total treatment costs. If you have completed the bonus booklet, your dentist will submit it along with the salary and cost plan to the health insurance company to approve the fixed allowance. You do not have to worry about having your health insurance company get the copy.

You forgot the bonus book once?

If you have forgotten the bonus booklet, you can bring it with you on the next visit, so that the stamp will be added. A missing stamp can of course be added only if the visit to the dentist has actually taken place.

You have lost the bonus book?

If the book is lost, the dentist can also create a new exercise book based on his documentation, provided that there have been treatments. The treatments can only be registered if they take place in the right time. Otherwise, the stamp is denied. Then you have to start over. In certain exceptional cases, a bonus booklet can be recognized despite some gaps. However, these are individual decisions and must be discussed by the patient directly with the health insurance.

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