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Cuddly beautiful socks for warm feet made of organic cotton, new wool and bamboo viscose!

  • Very skin-friendly
  • Beautiful patterns and colors
  • Especially comfortable

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Women’s socks made of bamboo viscose, organic cotton and new wool

In our assortment you will find beautiful socks suitable for every season. Wool socks are warming and temperature compensating. In addition, the socks and cuffs are very skin-friendly because they are free of any chemistry.

Advantages of women’s socks made of natural fibers

Some may ask themselves the question of why women’s socks or women’s stockings made of natural fibers should be chosen. We answer it!

  • 1. Do not spill so fast: Textiles made of artificial fibers (polyester) smell faster than socks made of natural fibers, because the bacteria responsible for the smell multiply faster on synthetic fibers.
  • 2. Better for the skin: Conventional socks made of synthetic fibers are usually heavily chemically treated. As a result, they cause rashes on body contact. Especially for allergy sufferers are recommended 100% organic socks made of natural fibers, as these pollution-free are.
  • 3. Good for the environment: Since ladies’ socks made of natural fibers are rarely treated, comes as well less chemistry in the water, what nature will thank us. Bamboo products are very sustainable because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and easily grows back if the roots are not damaged.
  • 4. Equally comfortable: Socks are made of natural fibers very soft, tear-resistant and comfortable.
  • 5. Suitable for sports: Natural fibers provide for a better absorption of moisture, are heat regulating and breathable. These three qualities make them perfect for sports wear.

Which natural fibers are used for ladies socks?

Here you get a small overview of the vegetable or animal natural fibers with their properties.


Cotton socks are sweat resistant and soft. They are particularly useful in sports socks or thick socks for the colder season because cotton is able to absorb 20% of its own weight in moisture. This moisture due to sweat or other liquids is occasionally released to the outside.


The wool hair has similar properties as the cotton. Only it is able to absorb even more moisture (up to ⅓ of its own weight). Unlike cotton wool is a protein fiber and has a certain similarity to human skin. This is reflected by a particularly good heat retention capacity. This means that thin wool socks keep feet warmer than socks made from purely artificial fabrics.

Bamboo viscose

Bamboo socks are particularly soft and have an anti-bacterial effect. Similar to wool, bamboo has the characteristic of perfectly balancing temperatures, resulting in less sweat production.

Note: From bamboo itself, no fiber can be spun directly. The production of bamboo viscose is necessary.

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