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Headphones – with your own music on the go

Headphones for smartphones have long been standard when you buy a smartphone. A headset for mobile phone is usually included and can be used with the existing connections. If you want to listen to your own music on the go, then you can not avoid such a model. Often are Smartphone headphones with microphone so that you can even receive a hands-free kit. But what happens if you do not want to use the original headphones, but look for other headphones with other aspects? In this case, a should Cellphone headphone test be made and looked at a buying advice.

Headphones Test 2019

What is a headphone?

A headset is a simple product that lets you listen to your music without disturbing or bothering others. If you are looking for headphones in the Online Shop, at Media Markt or at Saturn, then you will many different ones Types of headphones Find. There are headphones for the music system. You can also buy headphones for the PC. But if you look closely at the range of accessories, you will find a lot of headphones for smartphones, according to a Smartphone Headphone Test. Such a headphone for mobile phone is similar in construction to the other headphones, but is often equipped as a mobile phone headphone with microphone.

Generally, a headset is considered a Accessories, which either Original from the manufacturer supplied or can be purchased from the third party in the shop. Such models can be bought cheaply, but can also be consciously ordered for higher prices, if you put a lot of emphasis on sound and workmanship.

Which connection is important for a smartphone headset?

If you look at the various manufacturers of smartphones, you will see that there has been a revolution in connectivity in recent years. For a long time the 3.5mm jack connections were very popular. It does not matter if you have one Samsung smartphone headphones bought or bought a Sony smartphone headphone – in all cases, the small round connections were available on the smartphone. The advantage? They could not only use smartphone headphones with Bluetooth from the original manufacturer, but theoretically also use headphones that were actually intended for the PC or the music system.

Over time, however, the smartphones have become thinner and thinner and the manufacturer Apple has considered a new connection for its iPhone headphones. Now with an iPhone headphones no 3.5 mm jack plug used more, but Lightning connections. These are especially slim, which helps the shape of the smartphone. However, for the benefit of your headphones you need your own adapters, which you only get from the manufacturer. Other manufacturers have followed this trend and many providers offer Android C smartphones USB C ports, which are then connected with an adapter with a mobile phone headphones.

Tip: So look at the offers in a smartphone headphone test, you should always first pay attention to which port the respective smartphone has. Often you have to buy suitable adapters for the headphone jack so that the headphone jack also succeeds.

If you completely want to do without such a connection, you can also set the headset comparison to Bluetooth, according to a smartphone. On Smartphone headset Bluetooth dispenses with cables and can therefore work without a plug. The smartphone headphones without cable are turned on and then connect to the phone. Straight Beats headphones can work that way and give you a very good flexibility. Especially in sports, such a wireless version can be very helpful, as some experience also show. The phone does not recognize headphones? In that case, you should make sure that a smartphone makes headphones Bluetooth visible. For example, the mobile phone headset Bluetooth can be switched to invisible so that the smartphone does not recognize it. To be absolutely sure, you should also switch the smartphone to visible, so that you can Mobile phone headset Bluetooth find and pair.

3.5 mm plug Lightning / USB C connection Bluetooth
Classic connection New connection with adapter Smartphone headphones without cable

What variants of the headphones are there?

In a cellphone headphone test, you will not only find different ports for your smartphone, but also different types of headphones. Regardless of whether LG, Huawei, Samsung, Sony or Apple – The headphone versions can be used independently of the manufacturer.

  • The full headphones: This is a headphone, which completely covers and encloses the auricle. Particularly well-known is the Beats headphone, which is sold for small prices in the online shop. The advantage here is that the sound can be transmitted very well. If you are looking for a headset for mobile phone that comes with a first-class sound equipped, you should look at these full models. However, these models are not always very easy and can also be very clunky designed. Although the models sit safely on the head, as a strap runs over his head, but especially in sports such a model can be distracting. Especially when sweat forms under the headphones, this is often perceived as unpleasant.
  • The small headphones: These are the classic headphones, which you will usually find in the original accessories of the manufacturer. The headphones are inserted into the pinna and adhere by simply inserting. Although the headphones can fall out of the ear after some time and some movement, but these models are quite popular. The sound is not as intense as a full headset smartphone, but these models are very practically at sports.
  • The Smartphone Headphone In Ear: These headphones for smartphone are designed according to a smartphone headphone comparison, so that the models are placed in the ear. Thus, on the one hand ensures that the headphones do not fall so quickly out of the ear, on the other hand, but also created a more intense sound. The Smartphone Headphone In Ear They can also be bought cheaply and are sold both as iPhone headphones, as well as Samsung smartphone headphones or Sony smartphone headphones.

Pros and cons of a headphone

  • many different variants of the headphones available
  • during sports, on the way or at home makes sense
  • Experience music in all situations
  • huge variety makes the selection more difficult

Find the right headphone test winner

Should you get one Headphones choose a winner the search is not that easy. The search is not always transparent because there are many original manufacturers and third-party vendors offering headphones for smartphones. Whether the handset is Bluetooth or a wired model, you should check the latest models and innovations to find the right products. If smartphone headphones are too quiet, this can reduce the fun, but the headphones should as well not calibrated too loud his. If you want to listen to the radio without headphones, you may also be able to access smartphone headphone amplifiers with speakers. Look at the prices in a price comparison and listen to one or the other recommendation. A headset leaderboard also helps to make sure you buy the right model at a low price. Which speaker or headphones ultimately the best choice for you you only see if you are intensively involved with a headphone comparison.

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