Love is sayings

Love is sayings

Love is saying

What would life be without love? Love makes us happy and content. Be it the love of family members, our partner, our friends, our hobbies. Without loving and being loved, we are not complete human beings.
Giving love is one of the greatest goods we can give. We should all remember every day how important it is to receive and send these feelings. You can’t hear enough that you are loved. And you should also remember to pass these words on to the people you love. Therefore, open your heart more often and pass on your love.

Check out our sayings on the subject "love is. " and share your feelings with your loved ones. We have beautiful love is sayings for every occasion. Whether you want to make your partner smile or want to express your thanks to your family. Let yourself be inspired by our saying collection.

Love is hope. Love is happiness. Love brings some back to life. Love is freedom. Love is understanding – you will also see: love is beautiful!

Love is not a solo. Love is a duet. If it disappears in one, the song falls silent.

Author: Adelbert von Chamisso

Love is the cement with which we build our dream house together from the stones that are put in our way!

Love is like a puzzle. Sometimes it takes time to find the right part, but if you have it, you never give it back.

Love is. count the hours until you’re back with me.

Author: unknown / by child

Love is when two who have never found each other have found each other. ♡

Love is: when I have to think about you all the time without thinking.

Love is like walking. If you want to climb the summit, you also have to hike through the valleys! ❤️

Love is like a drug, either it shows you paradise or it kills you.

"Love is never without pain" said the rabbit and hugged the hedgehog.

Author: love your life

Love is the only fairy tale that is not with "There was once" starts but ends with it.

Love is unattainable, and when you reach it, it is too late.

Love is when you are still fighting, even though you have long lost. ♥

Love is like a pair of shoes, if they are worn, you should throw them away!

Love is when suddenly someone is more important to you than yourself!

Love is like a flight.
When love is returned,
you are flying high.
You will leave,
you plunge into a deep abyss.

Love is a temporary, hormone-induced mental delusion that eliminates rationality and reason.

Love is like an addiction and you are my drug.

It is love when I can look into your wonderful eyes and melt away.

Love is an elixir from which we draw the strength for life.

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