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Marsupi baby carrier

The most lightweight & compact hip carrier

The Marsupi baby and child carrier is a particularly comfortable baby carrier for everyday use. You can use the Marsupi stretcher variable and above all lightning fast, which is a huge advantage for you in everyday life with the baby, if it should go fast. Give your baby a secure grip and at the same time protect your back. Try it out, the Marsupi stretcher will convince you promptly. You are welcome to compare the different color variations online to make your choice.

    Unique Velcro system With wide bridge (25.5 cm) From birth use Max. Load 15kg Washing machine at 30 ° Suitable for tumble dryer (Schongrad) Well padded 2 years warranty Free shipping 7 different colors Different carrying options

Advantageous hook-and-loop fasteners

Quick and easy to create

With the baby carrier by Marsupi you can save a lot of nerves and above all a lot of money. Did you see that you do not have to tie a bothersome knot? So you can create everything as you wish, it is not even necessary to adjust various buckles, because the Marsupi has not all. With this somewhat newly adjusted baby carrier you have the nose in front. Did you also see that the Marsupi Baby Carrier weighs only half a kilogram? Thus, the Marsupi stretcher fits in every diaper bag. Use the Marsupi for newborns in a variety of variations. You can carry the Marsupi along the hips or on the stomach, or later even on the back.

Good padding for longer hikes

If you want to start a longer hike with your newborn, you can relax, because the shoulder straps of the Marsupi are very well padded. So you are safe on the road and there are no chafing. Protect your back when you carry the baby on the stomach or on the hip, because the Marsupi plus baby carrier spreads the weight on your upper body over a large area. The body center is always stable.

Pure organic material

The baby feels good

The Marsupi is ideal for small babies, because every newborn wants to be carried. Compared to the classic baby sling, the Marsupi is easier to handle. The design of the Marsupi stretcher is simple yet modern. If you like, you can simply take the Marsupi with you, because it is simply rolled up and packed. Due to the additional neonatal use, the Marsupi is also optimal for premature babies. The baby can snuggle up nicely with the mother, because the marsupi is pleasantly soft. So it comes to the recommended hunchback in the child. The Marsupi can be washed with the washing machine and the push buttons provide a convenient headrest for the child. The Marsupi can also handle longer distances. If the father also wants to carry the Marsupi, for example, the Marsupi size XL is very good. Especially men like the easy handling of the Marsupi, because you can not go wrong. With a sling, it will probably take longer to become familiar with using and tying. The Marsupi, on the other hand, is easy to put on and is ergonomically correct right from the start.

The child is guaranteed to be right

This strap will bring the baby guaranteed to sleep, because the children calm down immediately. There is no need for a second person to put on the baby carrier. In addition, no different binding techniques must be learned, because there is only one right variant. Because the Velcro straps hold tight, the parents do not have to worry about the Marsupi. You do not have to worry that your child is not sitting properly. Enjoy also the comfortable wearing feeling through the crossed straps on the back. So you can carry your baby for hours with the Marsupi. Upon delivery of this baby carrier a transport bag will be sent along. The extra use for newborns is also included.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Marsupi stretcher

A minor disadvantage of the Marsupi is that the Velcro closures cause loud noises when the baby carrier is removed. The sound may cause your baby, who has just fallen asleep, to wake up again. Sometimes it can happen that a child, who already has more strength in the neck, opens the push buttons of the neck support. As a backpack, the Marsupi is somewhat impractical, because the straps must be crossed in front of the chest.

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