Retirement planning is the basis for the end of life

Retirement planning is the basis for the end of life

Pensions – our recommendation

1. The situation in advance

The statutory pension system is not as good as it is described by many. It is undoubted that a basic service is achieved and the statutory pension therefore has its political justification. Through a number of factors such as the redistribution principle, the changing population age structure, the continuing life course of working life, the benefit cuts directly by the state as well as the periodic election gifts to the vote to the population, the pension contribution income redistribution in other inadequate budgetary areas of the state, the uniform and manageable is lacking.

Likewise, tax policy contributes to this situation. If today savings that are favored tomorrow are otherwise taxed will not contribute to confidence building. Also the debt relief of the own state (and also of other states, as a consequence of the Brussels policy) caused by the low interest rate policy of the ECB leads to the instability of the saving behavior, because with this zero interest policy, and the inflation sees the individual no more sense in the conventional saving for to make provision for the age.

Despite high contributions to the statutory pension insurance, there is thus no predictability and predictability of the individual, he is left alone in the uncertainty of his financial retirement life.

2. Private pension – tariff overview

The old-age income law regulates i.a. the tax treatment, the state, company and private pension payments. This law introduced new tariffs for private pension provision in 2005. The forms of provision for private old-age provision are very different and therefore also flexible. The right mix of tariffs brings benefits and secures your private pension or private pension.

Here we provide an overview of these different forms. Here are almost all criteria for a private pension or private pension plan. It compares the tariffs of the private pension / basic pension / Rüruprente, Riester pension, Kapitallebens- Rentenversicherung and the fund-linked insurance [more. ]

3. The only understandable savings investment recommendation

First and foremost, consistently use all the subsidy-friendly offers offered to you as well as the tax-saving investment models.

This also includes the employee, the deposits under the law on wealth creation (936 Euro-law). The use of the housing premium as a government allowance, even if you do not want to build, is a good choice. Riester and Rürup pension with considerable allowance effect and tax savings are a must.

For the self-employed is also the right one "Spouse employment contract" a good option. Here, the salary payment, which is fully deductible for tax purposes, creates new spaces for various social rights and allowances, and minimum statutory pensions through the spouse’s obligation to work.

Occupational pensions as a special topic .

And last but not least, occupational disability insurance is an important part of planning for a well-planned retirement pension. Even the best planning can be quickly withdrawn the financial savings basis by entering occupational disability.

In this sense, the possibilities are not bad at all. With the right combination and consistent action, more than adequate pensions can be achieved.

4. The right financing for your retirement

is facilitated, as explained above, by state subsidies and tax savings.

Another, very large part, you can achieve simply by savings on your existing insurance.

Over time, a lot is accumulating. Here once the Einirmenvertreter a contract. There followed the recommendation of a friend’s agent. Then the Sparkassenmenschen, because he is always so nice, signed the contract on the Internet money-finance portal, because it is indeed known from TV broadcasting and media, a supposedly good bargain, not to mention the brother in law, the family peace to love, he will not do anything wrong, drawn the policy.

In a nutshell, insurers’ premium differences and comparable benefits are immense.

With our insurance calculators, we have anticipated the most common types of insurance for you, everything is of course understandable.

The result with status 2015

branch highest premium lowest premium maximum savings in %
household 205.59 euros 37.75 euros 167.84 euros 81.64
Single liability 108.61 euros 40.46 euros 68.15 euros 62.75
Family Liability 125.66 euros 46.53 euros 79.13 euros 62.97
Dogs liability 174.93 euros 57.12 euros 117.81 euros 67,35
Horses liability 247.52 euros 79.61 euros 167.91 euros 67.84
Personal legal protection 312.99 euros 118.46 euros 194.53 euros 62.15
Motorist 180.00 Euro 69,00 Euro 111,00 Euro 61.67
accident 114.24 euros 59.50 euros 54.74 euros 47.92
building 400.81 euros 97.60 euros 303.21 euros 75,65
Public liability roofer 3,797.00 euros 1,805.00 euros 1,992.00 euros 52.46
Professional liability doctor 725.31 euros 487.90 euros 237.41 euros 32.73

We can not fault the services of the existing policies, we do not know you, but we are pretty sure that you are paying too much premium for the protection offered. You should not blame the one you placed your contracts with. Either he did not know better, or he did not have a better offer at all. As an insurance broker, we are obliged to compare our clients according to the market offer and to make a comprehensive offer that is oriented to your needs.

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