Pension insurance in liability

Pension insurance in liability insurance

In the private liability insurance applies that only the properties and activities of the policyholder named in the contract are covered by the cover letter and the insured person’s coverage. risks, the new after the closing date their private liability insurance arise, however, are under the existing contract insured. This is called pension insurance. The best prevention for you personally is ours Liability insurance comparison!

Pension insurance adjusts to your living conditions!

The newly created risks are immediately insured as part of the existing liability insurance contract and this is initially non-contributory.

This is how the pension insurance works in private liability insurance

Over the course of her life, her life circumstances may change and so may her private liability insurance over and over again during the contract period new risks come on. For example, after the birth of your first child or even if you have one Buy a dog. Just as you would expect from an apartment in one own house with fuel oil tank pull. All these new risks are being dealt with by the pension insurance in their liability insurance provisionally covered. There may be a limit to the sum insured. Please check this in your insurance conditions.

In order for the pension insurance to take effect you are bound to each new one Risk as requested of the insurer within one month. This request is always made automatically with your contribution invoice. If you pay an annual fee, you usually have a longer period in which your pension insurance covers the new risk free of charge.

Attention: Do not timely report a new risk the insurance cover is canceled for this risk in the context of pension insurance retroactively from the beginning the risk. If you have a claim in the private liability insurance for which the new risk has not yet been reported, you must prove that this risk has been added at a time when the disclosure obligation had not yet expired.

> Your liability insurance has the right to make a reasonable additional contribution to this new risk.

If no agreement can be reached on the amount of this contribution, the liability cover for this risk shall cease to apply retroactively from the time of its creation and it will not be the content of your liability insurance. You may be able to cover this particular risk with another provider. Simply use our convenient and clear comparison of our liability insurance comparison!

The pension insurance in liability insurance does not apply to these risks

• builders liability insurance. It always has to be completed separately.

Water damage liability insurance. The oil tank liability is under no circumstances under the precaution. If you move to a private house with an oil tank, you will need to take out additional insurance.

• Please note that as part of the pension insurance, the coverage amount for new risks is usually limited and does not apply to the cover sums agreed in private liability insurance.

There are no insurance cover in the pension insurance for these newly added risks

• Ownership, possession or holding of a motor vehicle, aircraft or watercraft.

• The exercise of hunting. For this a hunting liability insurance is necessary.

• Own and operate railways, cinemas and circuses.

• Similarly, there is no cover for pure financial loss.

risks, the shorter than a year exist and must therefore be hedged in the context of short-term insurance contracts.

• Risks arising from company, professional, official or official activity.

• For persons added to your liability contract if they have one Single tariff have agreed. Immediately switch your single fare to a family liability insurance. A pension insurance does not apply in this case!

Thus a risk extension is differentiated from the risk increase in the liability insurance

A Risk extension thinks that quantitative change a risk already contained in the liability insurance. If you have a dog owner’s liability insurance and you make your first and then a second dog, this is a risk extension. A Risk increase affects qualitatively out. If you switch to a fighting dog instead of your peaceful dachshund, that’s a risk increase. Both risk changes are fundamentally co-insured in their liability insurance. It is not a new risk, but only the change of an existing risk. Newly added risks in turn cover the pension insurance from.

Thus, the pension insurance is calculated

A pension insurance under private liability insurance no separate insurance branch, but a power which takes into account the fact that the risks in the context of personal and personal living conditions are constantly changing. New risks are added, others are eliminated. That’s why every contributory bill goes down new or eliminated risks asked. Here you are not only held, but even committed to any Announce changes. This within a month. If they do not do so, there is no coverage within their liability insurance.

Good to know: the pension insurance only refers to co-insured persons insofar as the newly added risk also arises for the policyholder.

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