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Super Mario Maker

Game description:
With the Super Mario Maker You can build your own Super Mario Level. Here you can choose construction sets from four titles of the famous game series. In addition to Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, can also modern levels in the style of New Super Mario Bros. arise. In addition to the optics, the different sets also differ a little within the game mechanics (for example, in the older versions, there is not yet a wall jump).
After your own level has been created, it can also be uploaded so that it can be played by players from all over the world. However, you can also play levels of master builders from all over the world.

Educational Assessment:
Build level
Building your own level sounded a bit complicated for the game testers in the beginning, but the first uncertainties quickly disappeared as the controls on the Wii U-Tablet are very intuitive. First, the players discussed which optics should have the first level of their own and quickly agreed on the well-known modern graphics of New Super Mario Bros. Then the testers had to select a background theme. In addition to the classic Overworld there are also cave, fortress, haunted house or underwater. The special feature is that the settings can also be changed at any time. So the playability of a level changes abruptly, if you change, for example, to the water theme: “The chasms are then no longer a problem, because Mario can just swim over it” (Tester 11 years).
Although the game can only be played on its own, we decided in the group that each tester could design part of the level himself. So as soon as a small section was finished, the tablet was passed.
The individual elements must all be manually built into the level. To do this, you can select various objects such as blocks, enemies or items from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. These can then be inserted into the level with the stylus. Whenever the testers were unsure whether, for example, an abyss was too big or a platform too high up, they could simply click on games and test out the passage.
Particularly positive here were the hidden possibilities of building evaluated. For example, if you “shake” some objects, they change (green coopas turn red or plants can suddenly spit fire). Enemies also get bigger if you put a mushroom on them or they can fly if they get wings. The creative possibilities here are very large and even if much is explained within the game, the testers got to know many special features by trying out.

Upload level
However, the testers quickly realized that they had to build the levels so that the other players could do them. After all, you can only upload the levels if you create them yourself. “I think that’s too many opponents, you can not do that” (Tester 11 years). Of course, the Wii U must be connected to the Internet for uploading.

Play level
Of course, the levels of other builders from around the world can also be played. However, the testers complained that you can only search the levels by the ID. There is no exact search for criteria or keywords.
In the so-called 100 Mario Challenge you can also play different levels of different difficulty levels. For the 8 or 16 randomly selected levels you only have 100 Marios (100 attempts). It should be noted that the levels on the difficult levels, however, are usually very unfair and could hardly be achieved by the young testers. Levels that you like a lot can also be rewarded with a star after playing.
Since the last free update there is also the possibility to build central flags. If you have achieved this in a level, you can start from there, should you lose a life. In addition, you can also play the level of the developers, who also show different possibilities, what you can build as in your level (this also works in offline mode).

With the Super Mario Maker the players become the producer from the consumer. The game tester has as it were fun in creative building and playing. Many aspects discussed in the collective what their own level should look like. Surprisingly, however, the testers agreed that there must be many huge bowsers. As soon as the level was played, however, the opinion suddenly changed. The first level of the game testers has the following ID: 40CD-0000-007D-020C – the countless gigantic, fire-breathing bowser have been removed in favor of playability.

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