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Tooth whitening and cleaning (whitening) – shining white teeth made in Berlin

The so-called chairside or power-bleaching is applied directly in our practice and only takes approx. 1.5 hours thanks to a newly developed system from the United States. Your treatment session will be over in no time – just lean back in our dentist’s chair and enjoy watching a movie wearing our KU64 DVD glasses. At our reception, you can choose from a big selection of films.

Our bleaching treatment consists of following steps: at first, all oral parts which should not be bleached are covered. Then a special gel is applied on the teeth in several layers. The active components in this gel are activated by the light of a special lamp. Thereby nascent oxygen reaches the dental surfaces and bleaches the discolored substances deposited here without affecting the tooth structure. A recent study has found that the use of this lamp increases the gel’s effectiveness by at least 26%. This results in tooth whitening according to 8 different color grades. Please note that the power whitening treatment may be repeated after one year at the earliest.

When this method is applied, individual whitening trays are prepared in our laboratory. In the end, however, you can choose the degree of the night & day bleaching yourself. If you go for the day whitening method, you either leave the whitening trays for 1-2 hours or leave them on for two periods of 30 min respectively. Our bleaching specialist will advise you on each procedure according to the degree of discolouration. The moment to begin the bleaching process. The disadvantage is a long duration.

The combination of both methods

In case of heavy and especially dark discolouration, or if you want super-white teeth, a combination of power bleaching and home bleaching is recommended. After the power whitening treatment in our practice, we want to provide you with whitening gel and the custom-made whitening trays for home whitening. After all, you decide how to get your teeth done.

FAQ – Everything you always wanted to know about whitening

Where does dental discolouration come from?

There are many reasons for discolored teeth. Above all, aging and the consumption of substances contained in coffee, tea, coca-cola, tobacco, red wine etc. are decisive factors. Additionally, certain antibiotics or high doses of fluorides can result in dental discolouration.

Do many people take to tooth whitening?

More people than you may have already bleached their teeth. A brighter smile displaying white and shining teeth definitely makes a difference.

Is tooth whitening totally harmless?

Yes! Numerous scientific and clinical studies have found that tooth whitening under the dentist‘s supervision is absolutely risk-free. Many dentists are convinced that dental bleaching is the safest procedure within the field of dentistry.

How long do the results of a bleaching treatment last?

Your teeth will definitely be whiter after the treatment than before. To keep your teeth shining white, you should brush them two times a day, use dental floss and visit your dental practice for tooth cleaning. BEFORE the tooth whitening treatment to optimize the result of perfectly white and beautiful teeth. Try the incredible effects of a brilliant smile!

A Bright smile has great effects. Watch a funny movie clip about the effects of whitening!

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