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Karlsruhe Workshop for YPE

Following professor Heners’ untimely death, his co-leadership was done by Professor Winfried Walther. The current program maintains the original pedagogical approach and blends specific morning presentations from the faculty, with assigned case history in the afternoons, over three and a half days. The selected 36 participants from various continents are assigned to 6 seminar groups which are presided over by 2-3 faculty members. Problem-based learning principles are then recruited to debate both patient and dentist-mediated concerns.

Recent workshops have also included a special introductory session on critical appraisal of the literature as a reflection of the entire Faculty’s editorial engagement with the International Journal of Prosthodontics. This part of the program includes a seminar group manuscript review discussion on the first afternoon. The Workshop’s final morning on the fourth day, features presentations from each of the six seminar groups who present and defend their choice of patient management strategies.

Virtually all of the original faculty continue to participate – reassuring proof of their commitment to the workshop’s ethos and inter-personal relationships. Further, as part of the ongoing mentoring of YPE participants.

Concept and Location

The first IJP / Karlsruhe Workshop for young Prosthodontics educators (YPE) was held in 2006 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Journal Affiliaton

George Zarb, editor of the International Journal of Prosthodontics (IJP), recruited a top-notch workshop from the Journal’s editorial board for all of the workshops to date. This arrangement also resulted in published IJP Summaries of Faculty’s Workshop presentations.

Organizational Affiliation: The International College of Prosthodontists (ICP) endorsed the workshop initiative from its inception. It also provided direct organizational support as well as travel grants for participants from educational locations which could not provide attendance sponsorship. Furthermore, the ICP graciously provides a specific time frame at their biennials. YPE participants; while the workshop organizing committee encourages all participants to join the ICP. Since the Faculty invariably includes current ICP officers, it has always been prioritized.


Nobel Biocare, a corporate for-profit company, has sponsored financial sponsorship for the first four Karlsruhe workshops (KI-KIV). The fifth Karlsruhe workshop’s (KV) sponsorship was provided by the Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) which is a putative independent educational foundation founded by Nobel Biocare. The October 2016 Workshop will once again be hosted by Nobel Biocare with additional support coming from the ICP, the Australian Prosthodontic Society and Quintessence Publishing Company in Chicago.

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