The lambertz gift chest – christmas cookies, better for us!

Better for us!

Lambertz gift chest

We have a Hallimash promotion Geschenktruhe from Lambertz receive.
1.7 kg most delicious Christmas cookies in a great wooden box.
Just right for us sweet tooth and a great gift idea.

The Lambertz Gift Box:

A really chic wooden box full of delicious Christmas sweets!

Dimensions: 37.5 x 11.5 x 28.5 cm
(so you can start what if it is empty)
Mass: 1.775 g content (gross weight 3.800 g)

Information from Lambertz:
Lambertz wooden gift box: The best of Lambertz. 1.7 kg of Christmas cookies, including tin “Zum Fest” and 200g finest Mozartkugeln.
The special gift that Lambertz likes to give away to heads of state or very special VIPs. (I think that even the average citizen of the city is very happy about such a gift … if not even more ;-))


300 g tin “Zum Fest”

300 g tin “Zum Fest”
The box contains: nut cake, almond gingerbread, dessert cake, honey-juice printen, dominoes white and dark, cinnamon stars and little brown gingerbread with glaze and chocolate base.
2 individually wrapped layers.
(A great Christmas mix, which is also nice to give as a gift.)
200 g Mozartkugeln
(They are delicious and were gone quickly.)

100 g almond cake
(Hmm … an absolute favorite of mine.) Nice nutty and you can barely keep your hands off it.)

  • 100 g dessert cake
    (Normal pancakes are almost too dry for me, are quite good, but I do not have to have them urgently.)
  • 200 g of chocolate printen
    (Great delicious printen.)
  • 200 g chocolate gingerbread
    (Actually the tastiest chocolate gingerbread I’ve eaten the last time.) Under the chocolate is still a light glaze, very good!)

  • 200 g of chocolate speculoos
    (I’ve never eaten that: speculoos, which still have chocolate on the bottom, which the kids thought was just as sharp as I. Pity really ;-).)
  • 175 g domino mixture
    (I just like the taste of bittersweet chocolate, which is really good.) A matter of taste, it also contains white and full-milk dominoes.)
    • 100 g honey-juice-printen
      (Without question, delicious.)

    • 200 g lambertz time (gingerbread mix)
      The extra pack contains: nut cake, fruit sticks, almond gingerbread, dessert cake, Aachener Saftprinten, Aachen honey-juice printen, dominoes white and dark and mini-contrella.
      (Very handy if visit comes and nice to try.)
    • Price for the gift chest: 39,95 €.

      When ordering via the Lambertz online shop, you can also attach a personal greeting card to the package. Simply send the greeting card to Lambertz by mail or digital as attachment to the e-mail.


      The Aachener Printen- and chocolate factory Henry Lambertz was founded in 1688 and is today one of the leading German manufacturer of baked goods and World market leader in autumn and Christmas cookies. In 326 years, the long-life bakery manufacturer from the small niche provider has become the world’s popular traditional brand developed.

      The owner, Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, holder of the Federal Cross of Merit, is socially engaged and a man of action. He has multiplied the turnover of the company over the last 35 years and is known for spectacular events.

      The large assortment includes branded products Lambertz, Kinkartz, Weiss and Haeberlein Butcher. Sweet temptations like Aachen Printen, Nuremberg gingerbread, Mozartkugeln and dominoes can be found as well as pralines, chocolate, cakes, liqueurs and much more.

      There are many beautiful products Gift boxes, music box cans or gift packages.

      By the way, you can also find it in the Lambertz online shop 2nd choice article (Break) and interesting special offers.

      My conclusion:

      We still had and still enjoy the huge Christmas box. As a gift idea, I think that’s great, even the surprise effect, if you send it directly with a greeting card. So, wink-with-the-fence-post, I would always be happy about such a package :-).

      The selection is very large and if you do not know exactly what the recipient likes to eat, I find such mixed chests great. There’s something for everyone.

      Of course, #LAMBERTZ can also be found on Facebook.

      Many thanks to LAMBERTZ for the great and delicious gift chest. But that had no influence on my opinion!

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