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What is FACTScience and what are the criteria for LOM??

FACTScienc e is PostgreSQL-based database software from QLEO Science GmbH, which is used for service provisioning and performance-based lending (LOM). For this purpose, both third-party funds (on an expenditure basis) and publications are used. The basis for a LOM is in each case the past cumulative three-year period.

The basis of the LOM survey and calculation are cost centers, which are centrally assigned by the tax authorities in Saarbrücken.

Third-party funds are requested once per year on the basis of expenditures for the respective cost center owners by the financial administration of the UdS and entered into the data base.

Publications are also entered once a year on the basis of Pubmed and MedLine searches in the database.

In preparation for each LOM distribution, the awarding modalities (s.u.) will be put up for discussion in the extended faculty council, elaborated by the MedFak LOM recommendations committee and determined by the faculty management.

The following conditions apply to the current LOM procedure:

For the evaluation of publications:

The first and last authors each receive 33.33% and the middle authors share the remaining 33.34% of the total impact factor points. In principle, the IF valid in the respective year is included. Split first and last authorship will be considered. The details of the publications and authorship are to be checked in the tables provided and any changes must be clearly marked by the individual institutions in the tables. In the case of shared first authorship, the shares of first and second author are added together and divided by two. First author’s share = 33.33%, second author’s share with 3 middle authors = 11.11%, added together, this results in a total of 44.44%, so first and second authors would each receive 22.22% of the impact factor points.

The impact factor is included in the calculation without weighting.

For publications that have no page numbers, it is "epub ahead of print"-Work. These are taken into account only in the year in which they are printed.

As in the case of previous performance-based grants, original work and reviews with 100% of the respective impact factor and case reports with 50% of the respective impact factor are used for the valuation. Letters are not considered.

Group Authorities are not considered.

For the evaluation of third-party funds, the following applies:

DFG, EU, German Cancer Aid, BMBF as well as DFG / BMBF funded clinical studies and foundations are rated with the factor 1.0.

Industrial and other resources are valued at a factor of 0.33.

Due to the different evaluations of the third-party funds, it is important that every cost center owner pays attention in advance to the information provided by the sponsors in the overview lists. If a sponsor is not weighted correctly, a notification should be sent to [email protected] or to researchdekan @ together with a license.

If there is a desire for a change in the third-party funding weighting of individual funding providers, this should be forwarded to the research dean as an informal letter. The Research Commission decides on this application in a meeting or in circulation.

Prior to the respective deadline for a LOM distribution, each account holder will be informed prospectively and transparently by e-mail in several tables about the upcoming distribution. In general, then a period of 4-6 weeks is set for a check of the tables. At the deadline a database freeze is carried out, changes are then no longer possible, since the resulting numbers are forwarded immediately to the finance department in Saarbrücken. For ease of management, each account owner has exactly one LOM account, to which the annual amounts are directed.

After sending the prospective LOM tables, Ms Feß is available for telephone consultation daily between 10 and 12 o’clock. These times are to be kept. Ms. Feß can also be reached by email via research-dekan @

At the end of the process, the updated tables are redistributed to the account owners by email.

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