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Topsoil: What are the costs??

If you need topsoil for your garden or land, you have several options for getting this precious earth. The costs that are generally expected for topsoil are explained by the cost check expert in the interview.

Question: Why do you use topsoil in general – and what exactly is that??

Cost check-Expert: Topsoil, which farmers call the “field crop”, can be used for many different purposes. It is the highest, most valuable and nutrient-rich soil layer, which also contains a lot of humus and in many cases a considerable amount of clay minerals.

Topsoil is used on the one hand to build up the soil and for surface replenishment, on the other hand as a particularly nutrient-rich layer, if you want to create beds or plantings, applied to the floor.

For topsoil there is therefore quite often a use.

Question: What does topsoil cost if you buy it??

The prices for topsoil are as different as their quality Cost check-Expert: That’s hard to say, because the prices are very different. It also depends on the quality of the topsoil.

In general, prices start at 5 EUR per ton to 7 EUR per cubic meter. In many cases, however, the price can be three times higher – 15 EUR per m³ Topsoil are not uncommon.

Sifted and processed, the costs can then be significantly higher. Here are up to 400 EUR per m³ for the specially prepared and enriched topsoil possible.

A small cost example from practice:

We need about 20 m³ topsoil for our property in the best possible quality. We have the topsoil delivered directly to us.

Post price
Cost of sieved topsoil 380 EUR
transport 80 EUR
total cost 460 EUR

Of course, these are just exemplary costs. Depending on the type and source of supply of the topsoil, the costs may be significantly different in other cases.

However, our cost example already shows how high the costs for processed topsoil can be. We paid a price in the lower third of the price range.

Question: What factors usually influence the cost of the topsoil??

Cost check-Expert: Here are some cost factors to bear:

  • the source of supply for the topsoil
  • the degree of preparation of the topsoil
  • the transport costs

The price can be very wide depending on these factors. In practice, one must always weigh these factors against each other in order to arrive at the lowest possible total price.

Question: What role does the source of supply play for the topsoil??

Anyone who purchases topsoil privately pays little to nothing Cost check-Expert: A very high one. Who gets the topsoil from the dealer, often has to pay expensive money.

In a private relationship (for example, someone who has just completed the excavation of his basement) are often no costs for the mother earth. The builder, who is happy when he gets rid of a part of his excavation, instead of having to store it somewhere on his property or to have to pay for the proper disposal and recycling.

In this case, however, then usually the transport costs are many times higher than a purchase from the dealer.

There are now several platforms on the Internet that bring together builders as donors and purchasers of topsoils online. In many cases this can be a very worthwhile thing to look for on such a platform for available topsoil nearby.

Question: To what extent does quality play a role in the price??

Cost check-Expert: Basically, the type of treatment does not necessarily say something about the quality of the soil.

Sized ground from the dealer usually costs around 15 EUR to 20 EUR per m². For sifted and with humus and fertilizer processed mother earth can usually against it usually already with 20EUR per m³ to 40 EUR per m³ count.

Depending on admixtures then additional costs may be added. So are usually for blended lawn or tree substrate around 40 EUR required. Somewhat more expensive are admixtures of loess, peat or NP fertilizer.

In many cases, however, treated soil is not as “valuable” as one might think. Through sieving, valuable, humus-forming soil components are often lost; in many cases, fertilizer treatment is not necessary or expedient. In addition, you can also fertilize the soil even after application.

Very often, therefore, the untreated soil will be quite sufficient. At least you save a lot of money.

Question: What transport costs do you have to expect?

Cost check-Expert: That, too, depends. The sources of supply also play a role here.

The costs for the transport are not to be underestimated Who can deliver the topsoil from the dealer, can usually with 1 EUR per m³ to 3 EUR per m³ count on transport by the dealer if the transport distance is less than 50 km. It should, anyway, because traders are extremely unecological in the distance.

Those who receive their mother earth privately, must expect significantly higher transport costs: transport companies generally require between 5 EUR per m³ and 10 EUR per m³ for the transport of earth to shorter distances (also under 50 km delivery distance).

In some cases, however, arrangements can be made with the lender, who wants to get rid of his soil, to share the transport costs. In other cases, you may be able to negotiate a low-cost arrangement with the contractor who carries out the earthworks.

Question: What additional costs do you have to expect?

Cost check-Expert: One point that is often overlooked is the distribution of the topsoil on the property. For larger quantities, the use of an excavator is almost indispensable here – but it also costs money again.

If you are a little clever, you can also rent a mini excavator. You have to do that in most cases around 150 EUR per day count.

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