Dental insurance, dentist Munich, creative dentists

Dental insurance, dentist Munich, creative dentists

Which is the best dental supplement insurance for your dental treatment?

It is well known: Good and high quality dentures is a costly affair. Quality, aesthetics, modern diagnostics and hygiene require a responsible dentist regularly high investment in the practice. There is no question that high-quality dentures manufactured in Germany enjoy a very high ranking worldwide – and that also has its price.

Especially as a legally insured patient can be covered with the so-called regular subsidy of health insurance only a small part of the costs incurred.

Example dental implant – what pays a dental insurance?

Take the example of a dental implant. The cost of a high-quality dental implant with a metal-free zirconium crown on a metal-free tooth-shaped zirconium construction amount to about 2800 euros without bone augmentation. From the health insurance company, there is only one statutory subsidy for a bridge supply. In the posterior region, this amounts to about 320 to 415 euros (depending on the bonus). That would be the subsidy for a non-precious metal bridge, and not even veneered with ceramic. The legally insured patient does not get more from his health insurance – even if he decides on the often medically more reasonable dental implant.

With a very good dental insurance, you can also get up to 2300 € for your perfect solution.

In order to be well secured for such a case, it is worthwhile to think about a dental insurance in good time.

How can I secure for the future and what additional dental insurance is the best in an independent comparison?

If you want to protect yourself for such a case or in the future you think about exchanging old fillings with high-quality white inlays, then it makes sense to deal with the subject of supplementary dental insurance in good time.

But which additional insurance offers in direct comparison, the best price-performance ratio?

Since we are not allowed to recommend you, we can recommend you an independent portal. Here you have many options available to determine the individually tailored for you best rate for your dental insurance. The dental services are detailed and you can make a very good picture of the services of the various providers according to very recent evaluations.

You have a dental insurance? A test is worthwhile.

Not infrequently we experience the case that patients, in the hope that the completed supplementary insurance would pay for a comprehensive dental restoration, then in the end remain at high cost. Therefore always submit our cost plan before treatment!

In order to avoid disappointment, it is worthwhile to check the supplementary dental insurance. A review of the reimbursement often shows that just high-quality and often very expensive restorations such as inlays or implants are not included in the reimbursement. Since it may be worthwhile to switch to a better dental supplement tariff. Please note, therefore, that many customers can only terminate at the end of the insurance year with a three-month period. Inform yourself in time.

Dental insurance also often pays for prophylaxis / dental cleaning

The advantage of additional insurance is often in the acquisition of the cost of a professional dental cleaning. A dental cleaning by our trained specialist for dental hygiene costs 99 euros. These costs are reimbursed once a year by good supplementary insurance. Many patients do not know that. This way, you can prevent gum disease and the private protection of additional insurance also helps to save money.

Supplementary dental insurance for an ongoing treatment. Is that paid?

The main reason for tooth loss over 40 years is not the tooth decay, but often not timely recognized periodontal disease. As this condition is rarely associated with pain, it is often unrecognized or ignored by patients. If the loss of a tooth is already inevitable then no additional dental insurance can be taken out in this case.

Therefore, take good care of adequate insurance protection in good time, the Stiftung Warentest advises. Also in the first months, the insured receive no benefits (waiting period).

A timely decision on additional dental insurance is therefore a sensible way.

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