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Dentures without problems, That is what many Germans want. To this desire belongs the appropriate provision. Not only the treatment at the dentist can be painful, but also the following cost accounting. Dental care is expensive and due to our very sugary eating habits from childhood on, is Dentures from the age of 40 years rather the rule, as a rarity.

So if you want to make provision for a comprehensive restoration, or value the latest technology and aesthetics in the tooth image, should with a good dental insurance retirement planning. Do this meanwhile more than 15 million cash patients and the best dental insurance offers can be found in our dental supplement insurance comparison. In the following, we explain what additional dental insurance is meaningful power.

Dental insurance, you should know!

Of course, dental insurance is not a crucial achievement to protect your financial existence, such as private liability insurance. However, there are many reasons that speak for a degree, according to the motto “fear in time, then you do not hate with your teeth in old age!”

This is how the standard care for dentures works

The health insurance has dentures committed grants, regardless of how much the actual dental treatment really costs. It will be a Grant of 50% granted, but this only applies on a simple supply without precious metal or aesthetic veneer. With a well-managed bonus booklet you can increase this grant up to 65%. Nevertheless, dentures, inlays and implants always create a large gap in coverage, which can be closed up to 100% by supplementary dental insurance. There are also cheap rates, which cover only the own share in the standard supply. If you value aesthetics and modern technology, you should opt for comprehensive dental insurance, which starts at 30, – € per month with the test grade VERY GOOD.

These additional benefits can be included in your dental insurance

In addition to dentures, there are also quite a few Additional Services, the one dental insurance can cover. Depending on which tooth performance is particularly important for you, you can select the appropriate coverage and reimbursement per provider. We give a brief overview of additional services in dental insurance:

Plastic fillings

Fillings are usually made by the health insurance but only for amalgams, which are not for everyone. Do you want a tooth-colored plastic filling in the tooth side area, so a personal contribution is due, which can be taken over by the dental insurance.

Root treatment

On the cash side, only the root canal treatment of a tooth worth preserving is subsidized. Insist on one rescue attempt, this is your personal decision and yours personal budget! Unless you have dental insurance that helps.


Only if she is really one serious illness shows, this means the periodontal pockets are deeper than 3.5 mm, there is one additional payment the health insurance for the periodontal treatment. Otherwise, a treatment for several 100, – € to lift privately. Professional dental cleaning and diagnostic services, possibly also laser treatments, have to be performed and paid for.

Acupuncture, hypnosis, narcosis

All these treatments for pain relief and relaxation are only partially supported by the cash benefit. Here only a good dental insurance can cover the high costs.

Professional tooth cleaning

Such prophylaxis should once or twice a year be carried out and costs around 100, – €. The health insurance company gives a grant, if at all, only once a year. who Problems with the gums has needed more often a cleaning and thus a supplementary dental insurance for cost recovery.

The pays the health insurance, so much they pay themselves

We pick up on examples from the large supplementary dental insurance comparison of FINANZtest issue 04/2018. Usually, the statutory health insurance only pays 50% of the cost in the standard care. The standard care but only takes simple dentures or for example simple metal crowns. So one can say that usually only just under 20% of the real, incurred costs are covered by the health insurance.

Crown in execution cash, 300 €

For a preservable tooth, a crown made of a non-precious metal alloy is usually provided. This is cheaper than gold-containing alloys. In the case of a not immediately visible tooth, no aesthetic veneers are adopted. So there is a cash grant of 195, – € in this execution. It remains Own contribution of 105, – €. The dental supplement insurance takes over this own share completely.

Crown in the execution ceramic, 600 €

The tooth, which appears to be worth preserving, is replaced visually beautiful. The metal crown becomes with a tooth-colored ceramic overdrawn. The total cost of this treatment is with material and laboratory costs, as well as dental services 600, – €. The cash grant, however, remains with the fixed subsidy of 195, – €. The remaining Own contribution of 405, – € cover many dental supplements 100%.

Crown on implant, 3762 €

If a gap with a missing tooth has to be felt, the standard care for the invisible tooth area one Bridge of a metal alloy without gold, which is attached to the neighboring teeth. Elegant and easy-care is an implant, an artificial tooth root that is built into the jawbone. Then the dentures are attached. Implants become completely billed according to the private dental fee schedule. Before inserting the implant, a corresponding bone structure in the jaw is required, so that a solid base is given.

For bone structure, material costs and implantology benefits are 3762, – €. The cash grant for standard care is 450, – €. The Coverage gap of € 3312, – can by a Supplementary dental insurance up to 100% taken over become.

The dental supplement insurance is so cheap, if they only want to secure the own part in the standard supply

The standard supply from the health insurance usually amounts to 50% of the costs. This can be done at a well-groomed Bonus booklet up to a maximum of 65% become. If only yours Protect own contribution up to the remaining 100% of the standard costs you can make a very favorable dental insurance. The monthly fees start at just three euros per month.

This solution is at least an almost cost-neutral option for a simple dentures. We present the best tariffs from the dental supplement insurance test 2018 of FINANZtest:

providers tariff Tariff 43 years Tariff cut 43-73 grade
DKV Combi Med KDT50 3, – € / month 6, – € 3.1
Nuremberger ZR 7, – € / month 9, – € 3.7
Hallesche PLUSZ 7, – € / month 11, – € 3.6
DKV Combi Med KDT 7, – € / month 11, – € 3.6
Signal Iduna ZahnbasisPur 7, – € / month 12, – € 3.4
HUK24 ZZ 8, – € / month 8, – € 3.6
HUK Coburg ZZ 8, – € / month 8, – € 3.6
Pax Family Welfare Currently base 8, – € / month 8, – € 3.6
Barmenia AZ+ 8, – € / month 11, – € 2.6

Full range of dentures and full dental insurance

If you value age, too Aesthetic denture with dentures on the cutting edge of technology you are spoiled for choice. There are many dental supplements that cover very good benefits in the following areas of application:

  • inlays
  • implants
  • blinded crowns
  • Plastic fillings
  • root canals
  • Periodontal disease prophylaxis
  • professional tooth cleaning
  • Acupuncture, hypnosis and narcosis for pain relief

The best supplementary dental insurance tariffs from the FINANZtest 2018 and our recommendations at a glance

providers tariff contribution test score Implant% teeth cleaning
The Bavarian Tooth prestige 41, – € / month 0.5 VERY GOOD until 100% Yes
DFV Exclusive 100 40, – € / month 0.5 VERY GOOD until 100% Yes
Hanse Merkur EZL 41, – € / month 0.5 VERY GOOD until 100% limited
DKV Med KDTP 100 36, – € / month 0.6 VERY GOOD until 100% No
Arag Dent 100 53, – € / month 0.8 VERY GOOD until 100% Yes
Hallesche Dent ZE 100 18, – € / month 0.8 VERY GOOD until 100% No
DFV Premium 90 36, – € / month 1.0 VERY GOOD up to 90% Yes
ERGO Direct ZAB + ZAE + ZBB 34, – € / month 1.0 VERY GOOD up to 90% limited

Supplementary dental insurance, you have to know this when calculating tariffs

  1. In old age, the teeth are getting marler and the cost of a denture significantly more common and higher. That’s why the contributions increase for a dental insurance gradually with increasing age.
  2. Another tariff form makes an average contribution for the period of 43 years to 73 years and keeps the determined average monthly value over the duration constant. This is made possible by the fact that from the monthly paid contribution year after year Age provisions be formed for the higher cost in old age. This tariff type has the disadvantage that they can not take along the formed reserves with the change to another private dental supplementary insurance. These migrate as so-called Reversal profits in the yield pot for all other dental insured, who stay with the provider. For you it means that you start with the new dental insurance with a higher monthly contribution, since there are no provisions and your entry age is higher.

If you know from personal experience in insurance that They belong to the variable variety, you should therefore Prefer rates with gradual increase. So you pay only your individual and age-appropriate contribution, no retirement provisions for others.

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