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BWE: An effective muscle training

Most people associate training with the regular visit of a fitness center or sports club. Treadmills, weight machines, dumbbells, opening hours and expensive monthly contributions, all this does not have to be! There is a more independent, comfortable and natural way to build strength, muscle and performance: Bodyweightexercises.

Bodyweightexercises is the term for exercises that purely use your own body weight as a training resistance. You do not need weights or fitness equipment, you do not need a studio and you can train almost anywhere. A huge advantage at a time when time seems to be getting scarcer.

The special feature of Bodyweightexercises (BWE’s)
Exercises with your own body weight always involve several muscle groups at the same time.
So maybe one likes pull-up At first glance, it may be a strengthening exercise for biceps and the broad back muscles. But if you analyze the sequence of movements more precisely, you will find that the entire abdominal muscles, the hip flexors, and sometimes also the thigh muscles are included.

So it is with pushups and squats, to name two more classic BWE’s.
Many individual muscle groups are always working together, as the whole body has to be stabilized and organized.

Some muscles are responsible for the actual movement, others stabilize and still others keep the balance. The muscles working together during a movement are called the muscle chain.

The bigger the stressed muscle chain in an exercise, the more effective the exercise.
Most exercises on exercise machines try to train individual muscle groups in isolation, whereby the overall training effect is relatively low.

The example of a butterfly machine
When seated, only the pectoral muscles and anterior shoulder muscles are stressed, while the remaining parts of the body are relatively inactive. Here it can easily happen that individual parts of the muscle chains become different strong, resulting in a muscular imbalance. This not only causes bad posture and injuries, but also uneven muscle development.
Who does not know the guys with big arms and unnatural chest muscles, who never show up in shorts because of their stork legs.

Machines have been developed to make it easier for people to work!
This also applies to training on machines. It seems more comfortable to exercise while sitting or lying down, while at the same time feeling that you are better able to focus on the target muscle.

In nature, however, such isolated movements do not occur.
Our musculoskeletal system and nervous system are perfectly designed for free movements that always involve the whole body: running, jumping, climbing, throwing, supporting themselves, etc.

Consider only the pronounced muscles of gymnasts and 100m sprinters.
These muscles not only look good, they are also powerful.

Bodyweightexercises for efficient fat burning
In addition, the body burns fat much more efficiently, if your body weight is regularly moved intensively. This is a biologic law, since a lower weight requires less effort. Because the muscles are repeatedly required by the BWE’s, the body can not do without these and therefore reduces the body fat percentage.

To get started, we recommend a bodyweight circle:
The duration of the circle is 15 minutes. During this time you try alternating pull ups, pushups and jump squats with very short breaks in between.

Make a note of the number of repetitions performed each time and try to set new best performances at the next training session.

No one can say that he does not have the time to train.
You will be amazed how intensively these three “simple” movements bring the whole body to fruition.

Of course, anyone who embarks on physical training should approach it as part of their personal responsibility, health and performance.
If in doubt, consult a doctor.

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