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Healthy snacks for toddlers

Healthy snacks for toddlers. Since there are only three big meals left for my daughter (breakfast, lunch and dinner) I have been thinking about which healthy snacks I can offer her in between.

When there was still a lot of porridge, she often got a yoghurt around 4 p.m. a piece of fruit and often a small biscuit. At some point she completely refused the yogurt and I didn’t want to just give her a biscuit. Although she is quite tender and I generally have no problem with giving her sugar (in moderation), I do not want her to get used to the biscuit in the afternoon and eventually no longer accept healthy alternatives.

When we got one one dayWeekend trip to AntibesWhen I was planning and I was thinking about what I could take with me as provisions for my daughter, I decided on snacks that could easily stay in the Tupperbox for a day without refrigeration.

Healthy snacks for toddlers

for example for a day trip or weekend trip

Since I always like to give my daughter one banana cake bake, but this is a bit too bulky for an excursion, I simply decided the recipe formuffinsTo taste.

My daughter has a preference for cucumbers at the moment. For the cucumber sticks, I cut the peel of the cucumber and divide the cucumber into 4, about 10 centimeters long, sticks (they can grip well).

Sliced ​​peppers land in another box and a few pear pieces for the sweet tooth.

Muffins, cucumbers, pears and peppers

Healthy snacks for toddlers

Variants for every day

Strawberries, grapes & cucumber

My daughter currently loves red berries. Careful: always have wet wipes ready for hand wiping!

Strawberries, watermelon and raspberries

Bananas, watermelon and raspberries

… we pack the rest in their little blue snack box!

If it was very outside then I pack the box together with a small cooling pad in a zip bag

Bananas and Cherry Tomatoes (Warning: Always cut tomatoes!)

Honeydew melon and cucumber

Coconut balls, chocolate balls for children.

When we leave the house in the afternoon, the small blue Tupper box with the cucumber pieces always comes along. Most of the time I pack a babybel cheese and my daughter can always get some refreshment during the raging on the playground.

More healthy snacks for toddlers

The content of the Tupperboxes can of course be modified at will. Foods that are also excellent as healthy snacks:

Risk of suffocation in grapes!

* Children can choke on whole grapes and choke on them in the worst case! Please always lengthwise cut at least once! If your child chokes on a bunch of grapes or something else and runs out of breath then:

  • place it face down on your lap and pat 5 times on its back
  • if that doesn’t help turn his child over and give him up to 5 thrusts on the chest with the index and middle fingers
  • if this doesn’t help, call an ambulance immediately
  • In the meantime, you can try sticking your finger in your child’s throat to make him vomit or to create a cavity between the stuck fruit and trachea

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