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What you should consider when hiking in autumn

Autumn blogger walk on the Lahn Heights

Prepare softshells properly for fall and winter

Filming with the WDR Studio Dortmund

Practical test: Berghaus Extrem Reversa Jacket – reversible jacket

Radio interview with the SWR1 Rhineland-Palatinate – hiking, trekking, outdoor fun – this is how hiking is today

Cleanup: Envirotrek Clean-up Camps 2014

Just last Monday, I published an article that deals with the waste problem in nature. As a result, the news on the Cleanup Campaign at the Envirotrek Clean-up Camp 2014 immediately drew my full attention.

And I would also like to point out the clean-up camps. Maybe you would like to participate in one of the cleanups? Continue reading

Of the bad habit with the paper tissues

Perhaps you have already noticed used paper handkerchiefs on the right and left of the way during a hike. At popular hiking trails sometimes even every few meters, the white cloths off the trail.

But even if you have not noticed or you now think “But that’s just paper?”, I would like to sensitize you today anyway for the topic of disposal of paper tissues in nature. Continue reading

Adventure fireworks on the Traumschleife Felsenweg

As I was busy before our holiday in Hunsrück the local hiking opportunities, I noticed a hiking trail especially: The dream loop Felsenweg.

The premium hiking trail is one of the highest certified hiking trails in Germany with 89 out of 100 possible adventure points. In addition, the Felsenweg was “Germany’s hiking trail of the year 2005”. I just had to go! Continue reading

A fairytale hike on the dream loop Mrs. Holle

A premium hiking trail bearing the name of a fairy tale character? A distance of 7.7 km? >our holiday in Hunsrück with the offspring on this fairytale hiking trail. Continue reading

Family and hiking holiday in Hunsrück

I must confess: Hunsrück in the southwest of Germany so far I had not really as holiday and hiking region on the screen. Only by accident did it take us there on holiday. How this came about and how we liked the region is explained in this article.

Practical test: Bergans of Norway Fonna Down Jacket

The mild winter in North Rhine-Westphalia was a disaster not only for the ski lift operators in the Sauerland region. No. For me too. Because at the beginning of winter last year, I got from the mountain friends the Fonna Down Jacket by Bergans of Norway to test. But both ski lifts and down jackets need temperatures around the freezing point for them to be used.

Up to the last I hoped for better weather conditions with the slope operators in the Sauerland. But there was that one day. Everything was fine. Continue reading

On the Skywalk Dortmund over the steelworks

Not only in the Grand Canyon there is a skywalk. No, also in the Ruhr metropolis Dortmund. But in contrast to the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the southwest of the USA, the Skywalk in Dortmund offers you the opportunity to marvel at an old steelworks from above and experience a slice of industrial culture up close. In addition, the Skywalk is a successful example of how something new emerges from an old industrial location. Continue reading

4 years Hiking-Blog.de – Winners and results of the reader survey

Thanks alot! That some of you have taken the time to answer the questions of my reader survey! I was very happy about every single answer and opinion.

Your feedback and praise motivate me scary. And your suggestions, wishes but also the constructive criticism help me to make Hiking-Blog.de maybe a little bit better. The effort should be rewarded as promised, which is why I have raffled the prizes among all participants of the reader survey. Maybe you are one of the lucky winners? Continue reading


Who writes here?

My name is Jens and I write here around the topics of hiking, trekking and outdoor.

I am an absolute outdoor enthusiast: Even as a child, there was nothing better for me than being out in nature. And that has not changed until today.

For me, hiking and trekking means experiencing nature first hand with all the senses and, for me, an ideal balance to everyday life.

I would like to share this passion for outdoor activities here on my blog.

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