Holiday home italy – apartments and holiday homes in italy

Holiday home italy - apartments and holiday homes in italy


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Italy holidays

From many parts Germany Easy to reach by car stretches Italy mostly on a peninsula, which is known the look of a boot having. Due to the long north-south extension of about 1,200 km, the country has a wide range of climatic conditions. So you meet in the winter months a thick blanket of snow in South-Tirol (Alps), while in the Gulf of Naples a lukewarm wind blows. In the summer months is in whole Italy to count on the best hiking and relaxation weather.

Italy has so many tourist attractions like no other country. Since already in antiquity the Roman empire with its capital Rome over most of today Italy extended, many cultural-historical buildings and sites can be admired from this time. Whether it is in Rome the Coliseum, the Pantheon – the only surviving one Dome building from antiquity – or parts of the ancient city walls are, Italy can be sure of its ancient treasures.

Other very important buildings from bygone times in Italy are the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the famous Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Since this list can be continued indefinitely, the country and its conditions to travel almost invites.

In winter stands South-Tirol at the top of the wish list of enthusiastic vacationers. In a Apartment or a cottage You can enjoy great winter days here, use excellent ski slopes and pay tribute to traditional local cuisine in quaint restaurants.

If the weather is a bit milder, then a trip to Italy also with a stopover at the Lake Garda to be crowned. A beautiful landscape, small places around the lake and plenty of rest invite you to linger. Again, there are many accommodation options. These range from simple hotels to their own Apartment or a cottage, which can be rented individually. In addition, Lake Garda has the advantage that you can move from it fairly quickly to the places Verona and Venice can reach. Thus, it is possible to spend the holidays on Lake Garda to enrich with day trips. To the most beautiful coasts north-Italy certainly counts the Ligurian Riviera.

It is quieter and more contemplative than in the rather lively north of the country in the southern part. Here you can still experience the well-known “Bella Italia”. The mass tourism has not yet penetrated to this part and a sunset on the beach can therefore be enjoyed once for two. Beautiful and clean bathing beaches, excellent Italian gastronomy and many recreational opportunities help here to spend a relaxing holiday. Beautiful little villages and the Gulf of Naples guarantee a lot of joy on all trips. Sun-hungry bathing tourists are in Italy find the best conditions on the offshore islands of Italy. Elba, Ligurian Riviera, Ischia and Sicily guarantee a lot of rest, sun, sea, architecture and good food. Accommodation on the islands Italy one finds above all in the form of Holiday homes and apartments. A lot to admire all regions, from the Tuscany until after Apulia or from Umbria to Campania.

But no matter for which part of Italy Deciding, the country is so fascinating that you will always go there again.

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