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Church and craft – from the beginning a success story

Church and crafts have a long history. On its first pages, the Bible tells: God is a craftsman. He made man of dust from the earth. And he built a woman from the rib, which he took from man (Genesis 2, 7, and 22).

The Bible literally describes what God is doing. He uses material like a craftsman and he designs the material like a craftsman. God builds the world with his hands. His creation gives an idea of ​​the dedication and passion he has come to work with.

Think big of craft

From the beginning, craftsmanship belongs to God’s creation and thus receives a special appreciation. It is highlighted by the variety of professions. Sawing, baking, screwing, tailoring, styling: doing something with your hands has its own value.

At a hands-free ceremony, one of the best students in the year expressed that, proudly and confidently: “In the evening I can see, feel and grab what I’ve achieved.” The roof truss is erected, the car repaired, the lens fitted in the socket, the wedding cake decorated. And all over this country, in every city and every remote region.

Craftsmen and craftspeople are highly qualified for their work. You assume responsibility in the company and in honorary offices. Many of them are members of church councils.

Future-oriented and pioneering

Church and crafts fulfill important tasks in our society. The craft applies its old knowledge and skills modern and innovative. It trains above average number of young people and does not leave anyone behind. With great commitment refugees and people with disabilities are supported.

Special importance is attached to the trade in climate protection. The craft stands for preservation and conservation. It knows an ethic of "Enough". His operations, which are often passed on from generation to generation, are designed for sustainability.

The craft is present everywhere. It is extremely well organized and maintains an impressive culture of discussion.

Build God’s World together

Church and crafts value each other. Craftsmen build churches and maintain them. They understand the art of bell-casting and the construction of organs. Biblical images adorn the insignia of the trades. At each ceremony, the craft reminds of its origin with the request: “God bless the honorable craft.”

Church and craft meet each other. They celebrate craft worship at the beginning of a religious day or the reopening of a renovated church. Pastors and superintendents express their appreciation for the crafts in their greetings and speeches. In conversation with the Kreishandwerksmeister or the Obermeisterin they learn of the challenges in the craft.

Church and craft create together the present. Together they build God’s world, colorful and imaginative.
Join in?!

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