Roligio® – what is roligio?

Award winning health and life concept

Whoever travels to the wellness holiday usually experiences a great deal of relaxation and wellbeing here. But often such a wellness break ends immediately after the holiday. Therefore, in the Harz, together with doctors and scientists, a novel wellness and health concept was developed, which has already been awarded several times after a short time -. already twice with the coveted Wellness Aphrodite. The new wellness program is called RoLigio® and it aims to bring body, mind, soul and mind permanently into balance.

RoLigio® – more than wellness

What is meant and means RoLigio®?

In the Harz, in the tranquil little town of Bad Sachsa, the term wellness gets a special touch. Because there, surrounded by nature and traditional half-timbered houses, is the first RoLigio® hotel in Germany. The location and the region certainly influenced the wellness concept.

Together with the team of the RoLigio®-Hotel Romantischer Winkel SPA & Wellness Resort in Bad Sachsa, doctors and scientists, the wellness and health concept RoLigio was developed. RoLigio® offers more than just moments of wellbeing. It is a wellness concept with the aim to make participants feel sustained joy and strength in life. It also strengthens mental and physical health. The concept pursues holistic health. For a healthy person around has confidence, a positive relationship to the own body, the ability to make friends and social contacts, a healthy environment, meaningful work, knowledge about health and an optimistic future life concept.

Romantic Angle – First RoLigio® Hotel in Germany

RoLigio® inventor is Nora Oelkers – hotel owner and mother of three children. She developed the concept after experiencing a burnout herself. The program is based on WHO criteria (World Health Organization) and, of course, many of Oelker’s own experiences and ideas have been incorporated into the program. She has spent a long time looking into what does a body good and, above all, what enriches life sustainably. In the process, old healing knowledge of our culture was rediscovered and reinterpreted. There are a total of eight special RoLigio® programs.

What makes people sick and unhappy?

It is said that a lack of health and joie de vivre is due to the fact that the connection to one point or another has been lost – e.g. the meaning at work has been lost, our everyday life has become too stressful – one appointment chases the other – or our self-confidence is lacking, because a person has left us or we are not satisfied with our body because we may not accept the aging process anymore can uvm Often, one more dissatisfied point grows from another one. and already a process that makes us sick in the long run is set in motion.

“RoLigio® should help to reconnect with it. This return link also gave RoLigio the name. It takes its place, ro ‘like’ romantic angle ‘and the Latin word’ religare / religio ‘for’ reconnecting ‘together, “the inventor of the program (Nora Oelkers) has revealed to us.

How does RoLigio® help??

Simple.Happy.His – the motto of the wellness program

“The wellness innovation serves both stress reduction and prophylaxis. The program helps people to be happy and stay happy in a simple way, “says Nora Oelkers. The secret behind RoLigio® is really only time and space to rethink priorities and disconnect from the important aspects of life. For the course of the program in the hotel this means:

  • Since each person needs something different, the RoLigio® specialist and guest will find out together in a first meeting what humans need to be connected to their own sources of power.
  • Accordingly, an individual program is then created
  • RoLigio® combines the relief of acute ailments with special massages specially developed by the “Romantische Winkel”, the enhancement of physical well-being through health checks and tailor-made training with a personal trainer, as well as the path to your own self and new perspectives with coaching, innovative courses and inspiring pulses.

Admittedly, one or the other is certainly skeptical about such a concept. That RoLigio® but probably no hocus-pocus is, among other things, the double award with the “Wellness Aphrodite”. Because this is one of the most respected innovation prizes in the wellness industry in German-speaking Europe. Also in the hotel itself surpass the previous own experiences probably all expectations.

Find relaxation in the light and sound space

Stress-stricken managers report how RoLigio® has had a positive impact on their daily lives, and couples have rediscovered their common sources of power, giving their relationship a new dimension and depth, “says Nora Oelkers.

(Other RoLigio guest votes have been listed as link references under this report).

There are 8 RoLigio® programs to choose from

Together, 8 programs for more zest for life, well-being and health were developed. The different programs start at approx. 500.- Euro per person up to 1.200.- Euro per person. Depending on the program, length of stay and additional services.

RoLigio® programs

Simply more joy of life: The program brings more color and joy from the everyday gray. This is about a change of perspective and a sensitization to direct the view of the miraculous, to awaken from it new creativity and a lasting joy in life.

Just enjoy: This is about enjoying, because that too must be learned. It is about experiencing life anew, with all its fullness. It sets joyful accents and milestones considered to give the life benefits previously rendered a meaning.

Simply a meaningful life: Your own life seems meaningless? With your own skills you want to do something meaningful? This program gives you space and inspiration to reorient yourself.

Simply more clarity and orientation: Your own life seems unsorted and it is difficult to gain clarity. Here, the program provides an orientation to set priorities and goals. The program participant makes decisions and asks himself what I really want?

Simply more vitality and health: The body is tired and it seems to lack the vitality to master the everyday life powerfully. The program helps to get back to life physically and to perceive oneself correctly.

Just inner peace and new power: Who often has the thought “I must …” should definitely come to rest, let go of the thoughts and draw new strength. This succeeds with this program. Here it means “be easy …” and by strength and consolation recharge your body, mind and spirit with new strength and a new feeling for life.

Simply more harmony & Appreciation in relationships: A relationship lives from harmony and appreciation. Often, however, something like this is lost over the years. With this program, participants get inspiration and space to invest in a relationship. It’s also about getting to know and understand yourself and others in a new and better way.

Pilgrims – tracking their own lives: Anyone who has ever been involved in pilgrimages knows that a spiritual experience is in the foreground here. This program is about remembering something meaningful and examining whether this reflection and belief will give you more power for everyday life.

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* The offer is on request and subject to availability. We also know the hotel personally because of a cooperation.

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