Netflix series & movies: offer and cost of the streaming service

Netflix series & Movies: offer and costs of the streaming service

Netflix has now become the norm in Germany as well. In a short time, the video-on-demand service (VoD) could overtake other streaming services with its attractive and simple flatrate. Above all, Netflix attracts film and series fans with its top-class and exclusive original series. We want to give you an overview of the current offer and all other important information about Netflix.

Note: For more information about Netflix for Android and Netflix for Windows 10 downloads, see the previous link. Of course you can also access Netflix via browser:

Netflix started in the German-speaking world in the September 2014 – Today, many can barely imagine a life without the films and series that are available at any time. Together with Amazon Prime Video Netflix brought video-on-demand into the mainstream and overtook in a short time already established VoD services such as maxdome, Videoload or Watchever.

According to a survey from May 2017, around 37 percent of the 2000 respondents in Germany use Amazon Prime Video, 25 percent Netflix and just 10 percent use the maxdome offer (source: statista). However, one has to keep in mind that the Prime Membership offers many more advantages besides online streaming in the online giant.

Netflix: What’s that?

Netflix is ​​a so-called video-on-demand service, in German so a “video-on-demand service”. This means that with a Netflix membership, you can stream the provider’s films and series over the Internet to a variety of devices.

Netflix has a very simple subscription system: No matter which membership you choose, you can always access the entire offer. Whereby you need for a stream in high resolution such as Full HD or even 4K synonymous an appropriate Internet line and the right hardware.

If you are not sure if your line is sufficient, you can also do the Netflix speed test. Alternatively, many content is also available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Netflix: differences between subscriptions

To use Netflix, you need to register in advance. All content is included in Netflix Flatrate, no matter what subscription you choose. The different memberships differ only in the video quality and the devices that can be used at the same time. Here are the different subscriptions:

Netflix subscription Base default Premium
Simultaneous devices 1 2 4
quality SD HD HD / 4K UHD
costs 7.99 euros / month 11,99 Euro / month 15,99 Euro / month

If you want to be convinced by the offer of the streaming service, you can use the first month at Netflix for free. Termination of Netflix is ​​possible online at any time. The subscription will be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle.

How exactly works with the same devices, we explain in the following video:

Netflix: offer compared to the competition

Probably the biggest advantage of Netflix is ​​its self-produced content. Netflix Originals like “Stranger Things”, “Orange is the New Black,” “Better Call Saul,” or movie-level movies like “Bright” are exclusive to the streaming provider. But otherwise you can see the range of films and series. If you want to check, if your favorite movie is available on Netflix, you can browse through all VoD providers for films and series at

In the following table you can compare the offer and the prices between Netflix and the strongest competitors themselves:

providers Series / Movies (included in Flat)
Trial price in euro
Netflix 800/2200 30 days
  • 7.99 (base)
  • 11.99 (standard)
  • 15.99 (Premium)
Amazon Prime Video 550/4500 30 days
  • 69.00 (per year)
  • 7.99 (per month)
maxdome 300/2900 30 days
  • 7.99
Sky ticket 200/1100 1st month = 1 Euro
  • 9.99 (series)
  • 9.99 (movies)

Netflix: About the supported devices

It is often said that you can now access Netflix on any device. That’s not quite true, so you look for example on Nintendo’s switch currently in vain for a Netflix app. Nevertheless, Netflix can otherwise be used almost everywhere, which may also be part of the recipe for success of the streaming provider. So you can easily access Netflix on the PC (Windows, macOS, Linux), most of the current game consoles, Android and iOS devices as well as various smart TVs and set-top boxes. A complete list of supported devices can be found here.

Netflix for Android

The Netflix Android application has been available in Germany since its launch, bringing you the video-on-demand service to your smartphone or tablet.

Of course, you’ll need to sign up to use the app and create or create a Netflix account. Information about the prices and the conditions you will receive in this article. After starting the Netflix app, you will be asked for your profile directly, because the service can create multiple profiles for one account.

Netflix for Andro > the protection of minors for underage users, so they are offered only suitable material. You can also use them to save the respected films and series that the person has accessed. So you can continue where you last stopped watching the format. Also, the bookmark functionality is on board.

In other words, the Netflix app for Android not only records the last episode of a series, but also the time it has begun. For example, if you listen to your PC for 50 minutes at a time, you can watch it later with 50 minutes on your smartphone – without having to scroll there.

Netflix App: Other Features

Furthermore, features such as rating or remembering various titles with the Netflix app for Android are possible, of course, the library can also browse. Categorized by preference or genre, or by search. Once you have found content that you want to watch, you can consume it directly on your Android device, or enjoy it directly on the TV with the Chromecast.

You can also select audio tracks and subtitles, so nothing stands in the way of enjoying the series in the original version. In addition to these functions are also the settings that are currently still very sparse. Only the push notifications and the streaming without WLAN can be deactivated here.

Netflix for Android: Sorry, no offline feature

Unfortunately, there is no offline feature that lets you watch movies and TV shows without consuming data or Wi-Fi by saving them to the Android device.

Netflix Windows 10 App

With the Netflix Windows 10 app, you can watch movies and series from the streaming provider Netflix on your Windows 10 devices, while you in the App output the possibility of HD playback and download and offline playback of certain content stand.

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming providers, with which you can watch a lot of movies and series. Access to the offer is possible via various platforms, so you can on Netflix via webapp in the browser, via apps for Android and iOS or just with the Netflix Windows 10 App access.

Watch movies and TV shows with the Netflix Windows 10 app

After you have installed and started the Netflix Windows 10 App, you first log in with your access data. Afterwards, the Netflix homepage will appear, in which you will be given film and series suggestions according to your viewing habits. If you are not yet logged in to Netflix, you can do so in the app’s home screen. The Netflix Windows 10 app can be easily operated via the arrow keys or via the touch screen and navigate through movies and series.

The Netflix Windows 10 app also lets you filter the content by category or search for specific movies and series using the search function. You can start a movie by double clicking. For certain films, it is also possible to download and watch offline. Another advantage of the Netflix Windows 10 app over the browser-based version is the ability to play content in HD. Although this is also possible via a browser, in contrast to the Windows 10 App but only indirectly.

Which streaming provider does you use??

Netflix, Amazon Prime, DAZN – the number of streaming providers is growing and growing. Which provider do you use? And why, why? Which, in your opinion, brings the most benefits? Or you use several providers at the same time?


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