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Pelvic floor weakness, pelvic floor depression

The musculature of the pelvic floor ensures its stability, so that all organs in it, such as uterus and bladder, maintain their position. In addition, the holding apparatus allows us to lift and carry objects without losing urine or stool. If the muscles are weakened, the organs can no longer be kept sufficiently in their original position. There is a pelvic floor depression, which is often expressed in the uterine sinking or bladder subsidence (cystocele).

Pelvic floor weakness leads to loss of control

The most common problem is the so-called bladder weakness. Normally, the pelvic floor muscle tightens reflexively when sneezing or coughing, so that no urine or stool penetrates.

In a pelvic floor weakness, this is no longer possible. When coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy loads involuntarily lost a few drops of urine.

A pelvic floor weakness manifests itself with different symptoms

A pelvic floor weakness usually leads to a pelvic floor depression and can cause a number of complaints, which not only implies the involuntary discharge of urine:

  • Abdominal pains
  • stress incontinence
  • urge incontinence
  • Uterine prolapse right up to the incident
  • bubble reduction
  • fecal incontinence

Many women are still ashamed of their bladder weakness

Basically, it is normal for the pelvic floor to lose some stability over time. In old age and in women who have given birth to hereditary connective tissue weakness or children, but the pelvic floor weakness increases sharply.

Especially women over 50 years are affected by the pelvic floor weakness, every second even from a bladder weakness. Many suffer from the situation of being unable to keep their urine and withdraw from sports activities. Sometimes it is so embarrassing for those affected that they completely withdraw from the social environment.

Consultation and treatment in our pelvic floor centers

The Munich Clinic has a great reputation as a gynecological clinic and is represented in the FOCUS Clinic List, as well as many times certified by medical societies.

In the pelvic floor centers of our gynecological clinics and in the urologies (especially for men) pre-hospital special consultation hours are offered.

For the different diseases were special departments and centers set up to create optimal treatment conditions for those affected.

Our gynecologists also work closely with neurologists and urologists for further investigation.

We are advice center of the German continence society

As counseling centers of the German continence society, in Bogenhausen and Schwabing it is very important to advise our patients individually.

Prerequisite for a successful treatment is an intensive diagnosis. With the help of e.g. The urodynamic examination uses pressure probes and electrodes to study the functioning of the urinary bladder so that we can determine the extent of the disorder.

Dates and office hours in our Munich pelvic floor centers

Operation – yes or no?

We do not urge any of our patients to undergo surgery. This should be decided by the patient after detailed consultation with her doctor.

Special gymnastics offers effective methods to strengthen the muscles, because our pelvic floor muscles can be trained as well as other muscles.

With a slight reduction of the bladder (cystocele), it is even possible for the bladder to return to its original position.

Training to improve control
In an overactive bladder, we focus on improving control in therapy. We train with the patient to extend the distances between the toilets.

Reconstructive pelvic floor surgery

In case of bladder reduction, divorce etc.: Permanently symptom-free through surgery

However, if all training measures and aids are insufficient or the quality of life of those affected is severely impaired, we offer the entire spectrum of surgical treatment.

The operative spectrum includes conventional surgery through the vagina vaginal repair as well as the gentle minimally invasive laparoscopy when uterine prolapse or prolapse using modern Plastic netting.

Also in the surgery of bladder reduction Plastic nets have proven themselves.

In pure urinary incontinence often the deposit of Plastic tapes under the urethra to fix the problem.

Consultation appointments are available directly from the Beckenboden Clinics

Our specialists & Specialists for pelvic floor weakness

Further information on urinary incontinence and uterine erosion

In a loss of control of the targeted bladder emptying two forms are very common: urge incontinence and stress incontinence.

The bladder weakness become master

A weak connective tissue in case of overweight or after difficult births makes the uterus slide down. In lighter cases, pelvic floor training or a pessary helps, otherwise only one operation.

From pelvic floor training to surgery

Overview: gynecological diseases, childbirth & pregnancy

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Provided by nature, the female body is designed to enable and feed new life. After childbirth, it is important to raise toddler caring and responsible. Teething problems can significantly affect the development of the child. Our women’s and maternity clinics in Neuperlach, Schwabing and Harlaching offer all the comfort that expectant mothers need. In Harlaching and Schwabing you will find experts in childhood diseases – from premature babies to adolescents.

Our work is characterized by the close cooperation with the Munich universities.

Every year, around 135,000 people receive inpatient care – from Munich and the region. In emergency medicine, the Munich Clinic is the No. 1 in the region. Over 40 percent of all emergencies in the state capital are recorded in the four emergency centers.


The information on these pages should be understood as a first piece of information. If you have questions about your personal state of health, you can find contact information on our websites.

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