The best gps smartwatch for kids student ▷ test – comparison 2019

Smartwatch for kids in comparison: Which kids smartwatch with GPS is the best?

A GPS Smartwatch for children is a useful alternative to a child’s phone or smartphone for kids. But which smartwatch is the best – also as a gift for the beginning of school? We have informed us and tested many smartwatches in detail. Here we show the best digital wristwatches for children and introduce our test winners. Update: November 2019

Smartwatch for kids with GPS Tracker – The test winner 2019 from our comparison

Our test winners for kids and students are the digital watches from Xplora, Pingonaut, TCL and Anio. Here you can find our test reports. In addition, we have linked the best deals for each smartwatch for children directly at the “buy” button in a price comparison. With purchase incl. Matching mobile phone contract, the one-time price for the watches drops by up to 20 euros compared to the purchase without a contract.

with contract – blue, pink, black – incl. 19% VAT.

Pink, orange, black, pink, green with nylon strap – incl. 19% VAT – free shipping – with tariff

including 19% VAT.

including 19% VAT.

Digital wristwatches for children with GPS: This is important to know in a children’s smartwatch

Kid with smartwatch while doing sports

Digital wristwatches with telephony and messenger functions are a big trend – even for parents who would like to equip their children with a smartwatch specially optimized for their needs.

With such a device on your wrist, kids can not just make calls or write messages comfortably. Also more features like SOS emergency call or GPS location are available. For many parents, they are therefore a worthwhile alternative to a smartphone or a child phone and also useful for use in school and leisure. What parents have to pay attention to when choosing and what disadvantages there are, we show here in the guide.

Practical: It can be Enable school mode, so that the kids are not disturbed by the digital wristwatch when learning or at school in the sleep mode. Appointment reminders, pedometer and an alarm clock are also useful functions.

Especially in demand is the GPS tracking function for a smartwatch for kids. Parents can locate the GPS children’s watches at any time via the app and thus learn the current location of the children. An alarm when leaving a previously specified security area can also be displayed in the app.

Frequently asked questions about Digital Kids Watches with GPS Tracker – and our answers

How does the GPS locate the children’s watches?

All of our digital children’s wristwatches offer GPS tracking. Parents can always get the children’s current location in the app. Extra costs for the location are not incurred. The current location is displayed on a digital map up to about 70 meters. Accuracy of positioning varies with the quality of the GPS signal. Some watches also offer a better location, since additional signals are included in the calculation in addition to the GPS. We achieved particularly good results in our locating test with the Pingonaut children’s watches and the Anio children’s smartwatch.

Do I need a new mobile tariff for the children’s smartwatch??

As with a smartphone or mobile phone, you need a suitable SIM card with a mobile phone tariff for the digital wristwatch. If a mobile phone tariff already exists, it can be used without any problems. The important thing is that the SIM card in the appropriate format is present. In most cases, the PIN check must also be deactivated before inserting the SIM card. If you need a new smartwatch mobile tariff, we recommend a watch plan for a smartwatch with a monthly budget of minutes and data volume. Of the Advantage of a contract rate compared to a prepaid mobile phone tariff is that here the credit can not be used up and so the GPS tracking always works reliably. Cheap contract rates are available from a monthly fee of about 5 €. If you add a suitable mobile rate directly when you order in the online store of, you will receive additional up to 20 euros discount.

Which smartwatch for kids is waterproof?

Every student and child smartwatch we’ve tested is splash-proof. In addition, there are individual models that are also waterproof. The Anio 4 Touch Kindersmartwatch, released in April 2019, is also waterproof and can be used e.g. be worn while showering. Waterproof wristwatches for kids There are also e.g. from the manufacturer Vidimensio. Particularly popular here is the waterproof digital watch “Kleiner Panther” by Vidimensio presented in our review.

What functions do the featured smartwatches offer? How does she work??

Each smartwatch in our review is equipped with a microphone and speaker. The children can make direct calls and are like a normal cell phone under the SIM card phone number accessible. To protect the children, only phone numbers can be called, which were previously enabled in the app. Unknown people can not contact the children in this way. In addition to the GPS location, which all digital wrist watches offer, messages can also be exchanged. In addition, there is one in all watches Alarm clock function. Even a school mode is always there: It can be specified through the app rest periods, in which the clock for children is offline. Only the emergency functions are active in this mode. Individual GPS children’s watches also feature an SOS button that allows the child to call help quickly and easily in an emergency by pressing the SOS button. Even a pedometer for children offer individual watches.

At a glance: Features of the smartwatches in our comparison

  • GPS tracker to locate
  • Microphone for telephony and incoming calls
  • Kids watches with time display
  • SIM card slot for installing a suitable card
  • SOS emergency button
  • Pedometer and Bluetooth
  • Exchange voice messages
  • waterproof wrist watches, e.g. waterproof Anio Touch 4
  • Children’s watches with camera: currently not available, only for children’s smartphones

Which smartwatch you can call?

Each of our tested and featured smartwatches offers the “call” feature for incoming and outgoing calls. There is no need for an additional smartphone or mobile phone – the call is taken directly from the wristwatch. The SIM card is inserted directly into the digital wristwatch. To call the clock, simply dial a number from the phonebook via the display. To protect the children incoming calls can only be made from phone numbers that have been previously enabled in the app.

Are the watches safe? Which protective functions are there??

The watches in our comparison are tap-proof and all approved in Germany by the Federal Network Agency. A additional protection is the suppression of calls from outside numbers. Depending on the model, up to 12 phone numbers can be entered in the app that can call the smartwatch. Your child can only make phone calls with phone numbers you have activated. Another useful protection feature is the creation of a security area: If your child leaves a protected area defined in the app, you will immediately receive an alarm in the app and can react if necessary.

In a comparison test, the independent IT security institute AV Test also examined the security of the watches. Above all, it was about IT security: privacy and privacy. Well cut have the Pingonaut and the Anio devices.

How does the smartwatch setup??

Each Kindmartwatch we review is controlled by an app offered by the digital wristwatch manufacturer for free on the App Store for Android and iOS smartphones. Once the Kindersmartwatch is connected to the app, the settings on the Smartwatch can be made in the app. Also the signals of the GPS location are evaluated in the app: The parents learn on the map directly in the app the current location of their children and can usually also view the historical route.

Most apps also allow the parallel control of multiple smartwatches for children. Parents with multiple children can also add multiple digital wristwatches in the app and customize settings for each device. Also, the location of multiple clocks can then be displayed on the map so that parents always know where their kids are traveling.

It is important to know, however, that every manufacturer of a Kidswatch has its own app. So you can, for example, Do not operate the Anio 4 smartwatch with the app from Vidimensio, but instead control all models of Vidimensio via an app.

How exactly the device works on the app, we show in this video at the Anio 4 for children:

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