The inner child helps to release blockages – release blockages

Clear blockages with the inner child

The inner child helps to remove blockages

The inner child: Maybe you have already dealt with this topic, maybe it is still completely new for you. Just in case here is some basic knowledge of what the inner child is.

The inner child can be viewed symbolically. According to Wikipedia, the inner child belongs to a model view of inner worlds of experience. These self-experienced emotions, memories and experiences from childhood were stored in the brain.

The inner child is also used as a form of therapy to bring unconscious, deeply buried childhood experiences to light so that they can be viewed, processed and released. The inner child contains all positive and negative experiences, the associated emotions and the resulting blockages and beliefs.

Meet the inner child

I would like to provide you with an exercise that you can use to meet and get to know your inner child.

Many people have almost, if not entirely, lost contact with the inner child. They no longer want to be confronted with the associated emotions from childhood – anger, grief, pain. Ignoring this is a way, but not a solution, to fix subconscious problems. The longer you just split these memories off, the longer you are burdened by them, and the symptoms that are based on them are likely to get stronger. Therefore, it is worth knowing what is roughly about the topic "inner child".

The so-called healing of the inner child

It does not take much to heal the inner child, except for the time that one deals with it. This can be done alone,

happen in a group or accompanied by a coach. Especially if you don’t feel up to it alone, professional support makes sense.
The basic requirement for working with the inner child is that you are ready to pay attention to it, to be there as a reflection and to be open to give the inner child a lot of love.

Inner child – meditation exercises

Read this exercise first, if you like, then record the text as audio and play it back so that you can carry out the exercise with your eyes closed.

One step to meet and heal the inner child is to enter the heart space. Take a relaxed posture and make sure that you are not disturbed.

Breathe in and out a few times, relaxing more and more as you do so. Take your time, relax.

Now imagine that you are getting smaller, smaller and smaller; only as big as a thumb or even smaller, so that you could easily slip into your own heart. With this idea, you are now in your heart space and can meet your inner child there, completely protected and protected.

The heart space can be designed by you beforehand so that you feel really comfortable in it. What colors do you choose? What things and objects are in this room? Set it up so that you feel safe and secure. Everything is allowed, you should feel 100% comfortable in this room.

Meet the inner child.

Now is the time to meet your inner child. Now that you are lying there so calm, look around your heart again to see if everything is ok the way it is. You are now in this room, in which there is also a door, behind which your inner child is already waiting for you.

If you feel uncomfortable at that moment, you don’t need to open the door. Perhaps you would like to invite me into your room as a companion at this moment and we will walk side by side to your inner child. I am happy to be a silent observer.

Now go alone or with me as a companion through this door.

What do you see, what is going on in you? Where is the inner child Now follow your inner pictures. The inner child is often in a dark room, huddled together. How is it with you What shows up? Maybe your inner child is between 4 and 8 years old? Younger or older?

Show yourself to the inner child

Now the most important part follows: to show yourself to your inner child. Make yourself aware, careful and careful. Go slowly towards yourself. Watch how your inner child reacts to you. Tell the inner child who you are.

How does it react? Is it sad, angry, fearful, or aggressive? Allow yourself and the inner child enough time and ask if they want to come to you. If it doesn’t want to, that’s fine. Maybe a little more trust and courage is needed. Be patient if it doesn’t want to contact you this time and go back to your heart. Everything is good as it is; if it didn’t want today, maybe tomorrow.

If the inner child is open and it is coming towards you, just take it in your arms, hug it, show it that you are there. It can be a very emotional moment.

Take your time and tell your inner child that from now on you will always be there and will take care of them when you need them. Tell the inner child that you really love them and understand them very well. How are you doing now What’s coming up there Everything is fine the way it is. just accept it now, without rating – just accept it.

Invite the inner child

If there seems to be enough trust, ask the inner child if they want to accompany you to your heart space so that you are permanently united. If it doesn’t want that yet, that’s ok, give it time and keep going back until it’s done.

When the inner child is ready to come, take it by the hand and guide it into your heart space. Once there, ask the child if they want to change anything in this room so that they feel 100% comfortable, and if everything is to their satisfaction, ask the child if the door can be closed.

The present needs for the healing process of the inner child; the past stays behind the door. Ask the child if they want to stay in this heart space, where they can do what they want, just to be happy. A new home where you will meet again and again in the future to spend time together.

If the inner child is not yet ready for it, that’s okay. There are only options, be open to everything. The time will come when everything is exactly right. If the inner child remains in the heart space, say goodbye and assure him that you will be back soon.

Now imagine how you walk out of the heart space, grow to your real size and come back into the here and now.

Reconnect with your inner child

is an enormously important step. The next important step: working with the inner child. Maybe you will wait another day.

Repeat the beginning of the meditation from the section, go back to your heart space and meet your inner child there.

Ask them what they feel like doing and what they need from you today. Maybe it’s just a hug and your time. It is important that you both feel joy and feel comfortable. Many situations are possible here, from playing in the garden to playing on the Playstation; there are no limits to imagination and creativity.

The secret of working with the inner child here is simply that the child heals himself with this imagination and makes up for what he did not get or could not do earlier.

Time, attention, love – all of this is possible in the heart space.

You have made all negative experiences and experiences from your childhood into your topics, from which you are now stopped and slowed down. Perhaps you felt that you were not loved, that you were not wanted, that you were just causing trouble …

All of this can still sit in you and unconsciously stop you today.

It can also lead to unconscious fears that you carry around with you until they are resolved.

If you want to help your inner child, then meet with him and become very close joy. It may take time, but it is time that is well invested.

What else is possible now?


September 22, 2017

My inner child told me what I have long wanted: to travel and to experience something – but my office job does not allow it .. can you help me? What is right and wrong? Everyone expects to earn regular money and have a safe job .. Or is there something else??

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