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Web Design

Why good web design is important

Germans use the internet daily

use Google as an entry point

use your smartphone

Good web design is today most important marketing tool become. With a professionally designed website you can present new business to your company and can provide information and Service for existing customers provide. The internet is that Medium number 1 and has since replaced the television. For example, 84% of Germans surf the Internet several times a week to retrieve e-mails, obtain information or obtain information on prices and products. For more information, see the article on online use in Germany on my blog.

It is important to have one user-optimized internet presence to lead – because the competition is big and just a click away. If you want to convince with your homepage, you need an extraordinary website. But what is good web design? After all, good web design seems to be available to everyone today. What separates in the Homepage creations the wheat chaff?

Web design is not the same as web design

What is good web design

What is good web design? What does Kopf offer & Stift and where is the difference to other web designers or advertising agencies? The web design offer is great. However, some black sheep frolic on the web design pasture. In the opposite explanatory video, you will learn how the web design process works at Kopf & Pen normally expires. Get in touch so that your web design turns visitors into customers.

1. Design & usability

The web design of your website significantly determines the first impression. So that this first impression is not the last, you should also rely on professional web design. A visitor decides in the first three seconds on a homepage whether he stays or clicks directly to the competition.

Furthermore, the usability is influenced by the web design. Good web design does not mean that beautiful buttons and effects are used on the website. Webdesign can be used significantly for user guidance. It uses design rules to guide the user to a predefined destination. Here, elements of the website are prioritized by form, color or style and the user is virtually “put to the eye“.

head & Stift does not use webdesign as a decoration. Rather, web design is a means to an end, to guide users, to make navigation or general interaction easier and more tangible for the user. The form always follows the function. Nobody has any idea that the web design looks nice, but the website is not usable.

2. Valid code

After the screendesign – the design of the webdesign – the implementation follows. Since you are not a full-blood programmer, you will find it difficult to assess the quality of the implementation – the web code.

Since the customer often can not assess the quality of the web design code, it is often mistaken here. We pay attention to webdesign programming on:

  • a valid code
  • semantic HTML5 and CSS3
  • Compliance with web standards
  • SEO optimized code

The quality of the web design is also largely determined by the code. head & Stift would like to have lasting success with you – this is only possible with a clean code.

3. Search engine optimization

The best web design does not bother if your site is not visited. You get free and sustainable traffic through the search engines. However, you should rank here at least on page one – better still in first place.

That’s why good web design also includes search engine optimization. Part of this is the on-page optimization. Here is the web code important – the Google Bot must understand the individual elements correctly.

But the off-page optimization is now playing a major role. These are, for example, backlinks. head & Stift offers various optimization models here and can also conquer difficult (highly competitive) keywords for your company, depending on the task.

The web design process

From the first meeting to the finished homepage

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‘style =’ top: 83.9%; left: 38.2%; ‘>

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‘style =’ top: 67.1%; left: 72%; ‘>

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1st meeting

In a first meeting you will be talked about your goals, problems and peculiarities. Questions are asked: What should one take from the past? Where can things be optimized or completely new things integrated? In talking to you, such a goal and crude methods emerge to achieve that goal.

2. Analysis

The market is analyzed from the meeting: What is the competition doing? How does the target group deal with the product or how has the target group in the past perceived and acquired the product? In addition to research, the statements from the meeting are analyzed and it comes to the creation of a “battle plan”.

3. Develop ideas and concept

In this phase, the ideas and concepts are developed. This is based on the results of the meeting or research. All of this information plays a role in the creative process in order to be able to check results immediately and not to “design” in the blue.

4. Select meeting and implementation

Several designs will be presented to you in this meeting. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed and you select in conversation a variant to be implemented.

5. Development and implementation

Here, always in consultation with you, the variant you selected implemented – that means web programming, design or even film.

6th launch!

The final result is presented. You give her okay and the project starts. Of course, that’s not the end of the story. If there are any problems or requests for expansion, our agency is at your disposal.

Agency services

A lot to offer

Web development

Webdesign up to date – so that your website can still convince tomorrow. You need a platform, an online shop or an individual solution? No problem, because even complex technical solutions are possible for our Internet agency!

HTML5 / CSS3 sites

It is programmed with the latest web technology and therefore our websites are future-proof. Compare us with other media agencies from Leipzig or Dresden (or the rest of the world) – We have the edge!

Responsive web design

Get ready for the future – with responsive web design, your websites will also look great on your smartphone or mobile device!

Search Engine optimization

The best website does not help if it does not appear on page 1 on Google. There is SEO for that – so you can be found too.


With creativity and fresh ideas, graphic designs and also print designs are created that are impressive! Our agency is not only very strong in webdesign specialization but also in print design – convince yourself now!

Screen design

Programmer available? But you are missing the concept and / or the web design? Our media agency can offer open Photoshop files – so that you can have your web design programmed by another service provider (but not necessarily).

concept & consultation

Training, tutorials as well as the introduction with the handling of CMS can be carried out flexibly. Usability analyzes and similar methodological analyzes of systems are possible.

online shop & e-Commerce

You have a product and want to offer it nationally or internationally? Our media agency offers shop solutions that you can easily maintain yourself.

WordPress implementations

With a Content Management System you can even maintain the content of your website yourself. This is possible without programming and very easy!

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