What does dental supplemental insurance have to do for you?

What does dental supplemental insurance have to do for you??

It is a wide field – some would even say: a treacherous terrain – on which one goes, when it comes to the conclusion of dental supplements insurance.

To the 200 policies Currently, insured persons are available for selection in Germany, so that portals already exist that exclusively deal with the comparison of the current characteristics of these insurance companies.

In this article I would like to show you in short, which points you should consider in advance in the selection of the right supplemental insurance for you and what must be done, so that you are optimally prepared.

Since private patients regulate their special requirements in their contract, most of the information relates only to the members of the statutory health insurance companies.

Is the additional dental insurance necessary? And for whom?

Dental treatments, dentures and orthodontics can often be the right money. Because beauty you have to buy in the area: The tooth-sparing and aesthetically more valuable solutions are usually not provided for in the catalog of health insurances and are billed privately via the fee schedule for dentists (GOZ).

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For example, one Implant for tooth loss rather than a bridge for which healthy teeth have to be ground and crowned. Nevertheless, the health fund grants for both forms of therapy only a fixed subsidy, the overspending is the responsibility of the patient. And with the implant, they are quite high.

An additional dental insurance is therefore really useful as a private supplementary pension, precisely because the health insurance companies only participate in the standard care (basic care). With the insurance you can financial gaps Close and also for future years. Today we keep our teeth longer and in better condition than before, but eventually our teeth will also age. If “repairs” are needed in your mouth then you will not be left with your own high share of the costs.

Ideally, therefore, close this type of insurance from a young age, if you can secure cheap premiums and still have healthy teeth.

Interesting for you is the insurance, if you want services in the range of:

  • prophylaxis, for example, professional teeth cleaning
  • dental treatments, who are not involved in the standard care
  • dentures, for example, with implants
  • orthodontics, because treatments of malpositions are only completely taken over by the fund until the age of 18

What needs to be clarified in advance?

Not only the price is crucial, but above all, what you need individually. Even before you rush into the comparison tumult, it is important to note some instructions.

Check previous policy

The supply of insurers has grown very much because of demand – and many good insurances have been added. Do you already have a dental insurance, it is worth checking the old policy.

Maybe your company now offers cheaper rates. switches one within the previous insurer, one faces oneself often better, because you can take the retirement provision with you, and waiting times and benefit limits only apply to the additional areas you have taken up.

Waiting time to calculate

This is an important point when adding dental supplements: there is usually one Waiting time of 8 months, before you even get paid subsidies to the bill. In addition, the costs of taking over are capped for a certain amount of time. But even here something has changed and some insurance companies offer contracts without annoying waiting.

No subsidy during ongoing treatment

But it applies: For ongoing treatments nothing is paid. It counts for the health insurance already fixed in the medical record advice of the dentist to be treated soon a tooth! Some funds exist in advance on one Health questionnaire concerning the teeth. However, a policy refusal will only happen in extremely rare cases.

You have to think in advance:

  • Do you want one Complete protection for your teeth or insure only part of any pending treatments?
  • Need immediate therapy or will be up for a while in three to five years?
  • Is you prevention important because you are still young?
  • Should include orthodontics?
  • Have you noticed that, as you grow older, insurance premiums often rise (tariffs on type of non-life insurance)?
  • Could you also higher contributions cope? Because the insurer may ask for more in current contracts (but then you also have an extraordinary right of termination).

Who offers dental insurance?

Of the primary care until the High end dentures everything is possible. Insurers all over Germany from A to Z have dental supplements in their program. German-speaking providers are also coming to the market from neighboring countries.

It is not possible to determine who is the number one insurance company because the needs of each policyholder are different. You can calculate on comparison portals on the Internet within a few seconds, which fits best for you individually. The leader here is the Waizman table.

What should one pay attention to in the policy?

Due to the high number of offers on the market as well as the very individual demands on insurance, it is not possible to make recommendations for specific products at this point.

However, you should check before signing the policy, whether you have considered important issues:

  • one possible fast start the assumption of service (no waiting period)
  • at least 70% takeover the dental treatment and dentures secured – on the entire bill (not just on the regular supply of health insurance!)
  • no health issues advance
  • Refund by 3.5 times the maximum rate included after GOZ
  • no limit the number of inlays and implants, even if they need to be replaced later
  • Health insurance does not have to go in advance (ie funds independently assure)
  • already in the first year very good performances (no too small capping or staggering)
  • bone formation for implants should be inclusive
  • functional diagnostics with dentures should be inclusive
  • ceramic veneers for the molars included
  • Root and periodontitis treatments such as prophylaxis, that go beyond the standard care are included
  • missing teeth should be insured (already replaced as Implanate does not count as missing)
  • read the fine print: insurers often refer to the standard supply not the 100% takeover high quality supply!
  • at still good teeth You can choose the staggering of the performance totals and, for example, stretch it over five years
  • are Age provisions necessary? This means a higher contribution at a young age to save for later; but as a young person you often do not have that much money (maybe you can set up an extra savings plan or account).


Because of the highly complex problem and the sheer number of possible insurance companies, it is not possible to make a blanket statement as to which hedge is the right one for you. All the more important is the optimal preparation for the search for a suitable dental supplement insurance.

Because in any case can be advised to the conclusion of such. The health insurances pay only a small part of the costs, if more complex and more expensive treatments like implants or ceramic veneers are necessary.

Where: The sooner you take out the insurance and the better your dental status, the lower the contributions will be. It is also clear that the subsidies of the statutory health insurance rather shrink than rise, which is why in a major repair easily thousands of euros can be due.

Ideally, dental supplemental insurance is available here. It should therefore be included (always beyond the standard supply!):

  • dentures
  • dental treatments
  • prophylaxis
  • possibly orthodontics

On the Internet you will find various computers in which the appropriate insurance policies are displayed based on your individual parameters. Please note, however, that current treatments will not be reimbursed. So you better inform about the insurance before the next visit to the dentist and secure yourself.

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