Zimbabwe travel booking safaris and roundtrips Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe travel booking safaris and roundtrips Zimbabwe

Your trip to Zimbabwe

Among connoisseurs, Zimbabwe is considered the most beautiful country in Africa. The former Rhodesia surprises with an enormous variety of landscapes, ancient cultures and friendly people. Safaris take place in first-class game reserves – free from mass tourism!

Book your Zimbabwe Safari with us. We have put together a selection of guided tours for you. Or you can work out detailed route suggestions for your individual journey.

Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and impresses with impressive landscapes such as the world famous Victoria Falls, large game reserves and unique archaeological sites. The once very popular travel destination slowly returns to the focus of Africa travelers. The people of Zimbabwe are very friendly. They are glad that again more curious travelers visit their homeland.

Ivanowski’s Individual Travel offers you several guided tours around Zimbabwe – either individually guided tours for two or in a small group. Let us advise you and be one of the few who will rediscover this great African country with its natural wonders.

Luxurious lodges with all comforts or simple, rustic camps offer accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Enjoy an exclusive Zimbabwe trip and stay in sight of Victoria Falls as well as world-class national parks with high wildlife. The luxury tents of the lodges have a private bathroom, a private lounge area and a private terrace from which the wildlife can often be observed. The flights between the parks are already a special safari experience. The lodges in Zimbabwe organize your own personal safari experience: the experienced guides are well-versed and guide you by jeep, on foot or by canoe to the “Big Five” and other wildlife. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset with a cocktail during your sundowner ride.

Ideal is also a combined lodge and camping safari: Camping in the bush is a unique, original experience, of which you will still report a lot at home. Again, you do not need to give up comfort and find a well-equipped camp with escort team and chef.

Climate table for Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital:

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Max. Temperature in ° C 29 29 29 28 27 24 25 28 31 33 31 29
Min. Temperature in ° C 18 18 17 14 10 6 6 9 13 18 18 18
Sunshine hours a day 15 13 7 2 1 0 0 0 0 4 8th 14
Rainy days per month 7 8th 8th 9 10 10 10 10 10 9 8th 6

Due to its altitude – most of the areas are at an average of 1000 meters above sea level – Zimbabwe has a pleasant climate. Best time to travel is the dry season in winter from May to September with pleasant daytime temperatures around 25 degrees. At night it cools down strongly. This is also the best time for wildlife viewing, as the vegetation becomes brighter as the drought progresses and the animals visit the few remaining waterholes. Towards the end of October the rainy season begins: the summer in Zimbabwe from November to March is warm and humid. Then you have to expect the first thunderstorms of the summer.

Here you will find selected Zimbabwe travel from our diverse range:

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