Additional insurance for orthodontics, comparison & test

Additional insurance for orthodontics

  • Additional insurance for orthodontics & braces
  • Services for children & Teenagers at KIG 1-5!
  • Power without sum limitation with KIG 1-2

Additional insurance for orthodontics

Munich club
571 572 573 574
Z90 bonus
Dent Premium U
monthly fee monthly monthly monthly monthly
Online degree Yes No No Yes
offer Request Free Request Free Request Free Request Free
Orthodontics / braces KIG 1-2 55% 80% 90% 90%
KIG 3-5 90% 80% 90% 90%
Limitations specifically KFO KIG 1-2 unlimited unlimited unlimited Max. 3,600 €
KIG 3-5 unlimited max 1.000 € max 1.000 € Max. 3,600 €
Age limit Orthodontics 21st year no age limit 18th year of life 19th year of life
Children’s dental cleaning 100% (max 170 € per year) no services 100% (max 120 € per year) 90% (max 108 € per year)
100% (max 170 € per year) 90% 100% (max 120 € per year) 90% (max 108 € per year)
100% 90% 100% 90%
dentures 90% 80-90% 85-90% 90%
Initial performance scale
1st VJ 300.- €
1-2. VJ 600.- €
1-3. VJ 900.- €
1-4. VJ 1200.- €
1st VJ 1000.- € 1.-2. VJ 2000.- € 1st-3rd VJ 3000.- € 1st-4th VJ 4000.- € 1st-5th VJ 5000.- €
1st KJ 1000.- € 1.-2. KJ 2000.- € 1st-3rd KJ 3000.- € 1st-4th KJ 4500.- €
1st KJ 900.- € 1.-2. KJ 2700, – € 1st-3rd KJ 5400, – € 1st-4th KJ 8100, – € Munich club
571 572 573 574 ARAG
Z90 bonus AXA
Dent Premium U UKV dental PRIVATE
Premium monthly fee monthly monthly monthly monthly Online degree Yes No No Yes offer Request Free Request Free Request Free Request Free

Is a supplementary insurance with orthodontics useful?

braces, Ascending trend. and that can be expensive.
Depending on the nature and extent of an orthodontic treatment, costs of, for example, 5 or 6,000 euros may well accrue, which may have to be paid by the parents, provided the statutory health insurance company does not cover the costs (eg due to a slight malocclusion) involved.

A Additional insurance for orthodontics At best, it should be completed at the age of 3 to 5, as it is only possible to cover it if there has not been any diagnosis of the dentist before the insurance has been taken out. Of course, the risk of such a diagnosis increases with age – misalignments can develop at the young age of 6 years, so that a hedge should definitely be completed before. In addition, there are waiting times and i.d.R. also sum limits during the first contract years, so that already for this reason an early insurance conclusion is recommended.

Also, prophylactic measures are sometimes not fully funded by the statutory health insurance – for example, the seal of the “small” molars must be paid privately, if this benefit is desired, since the GKV pays only the sealing of the posterior “large” molars.

You can find a comparison especially for additional KFO supplements for children under: Kinder Zahnzusatzversicherung

One of the best supplements for orthodontics currently offers the UKV Dental Premium. The UKV makes 90% up to 3,600 euros at KIG 1-5. The special feature of the UCT: in the conditions is explicitly guaranteed that not only medically necessary treatments are taken, but also “beyond” services, including services that are more cosmetic purposes, such. invisible braces, lingual technique or similar..

A more good KFO additional insurance offers the AXA Dent Premium – the AXA takes over in orthodontic treatments without advance payment of the statutory health insurance 90% without total limit. At KIG-3-5 additional costs, the AXA accepts at least up to 1,000 euros of additional costs.

Makes an additional insurance with orthodontics adult sense?

for adults orthodontics – this power is only included with a few providers, e.g. the DFV Teeth Guard Exclusive 100 or the Bavarian ZAHN Prestige (AXA only for accident-related treatment).

Theoretically, the performance can also be useful in adults, since it is not 100% excluded that the teeth in the adult dentition can move over time (for example, missing teeth, advancing wisdom teeth, etc.). However, such shifts are rather untypical in adults and therefore the question arises as to whether this case must necessarily be secured – much more likely i.d.R. The need for dentures and tooth preservation measures, so that more emphasis should be placed on good performance here.

Anyone who has already received the diagnosis of malocclusion from the dentist before graduation, Unfortunately, the correction of these can no longer be secured, because then the so-called “insured event” has already occurred. So, if you are considering having your teeth corrected with an orthodontic treatment and looking for an extra dental insurance, then you should ask yourself if your dentist has already talked about an existing malposition and if so the insurer understands it could be that the “insurance damage” at the time of conclusion was already causal – if so, then the insurer is expected to decline the cost.

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