Bone structure of the jaw, jawbone construction. Hannover

Jawbone building in Hannover: So we give your dental implants firm hold

What to do if the bone is missing? Then we build it up again!

Implants need a secure hold in the jawbone! Without this basis, a solid and stable dentures is not possible.

Many years of edentulism, bacterial infections (periodontitis) or diseased teeth can lead to an infection of the jawbone – with sometimes severe defects as a result.

A targeted bone structure restores the stable basis for dental implants and thus enables the fixed dentures for our patients.

Whenever it is medically reasonable and possible, we strive for bone augmentation with simultaneous implantation to avoid additional intervention and to shorten the treatment time. However, this only works if the bone loss has not progressed too far!

After the loss of natural teeth, in most cases within a few months, there is a significant increase Wound of the jawbone. After a few years, often less than half of the original bone height and bone width is present!

So come to us in time if you suffer from tooth loss: the sooner we can act, the better!

Sinus lift: Dental implants also in the upper jaw

The implantation in the posterior region of the upper jaw poses a complex challenge for the dentist. Especially after long toothlessness or severe inflammation (periodontitis) on the former teeth are often only a few millimeters bone height below the antrum.

If an implantation is planned in this area, we use a special surgical method. This is called sinus lift.

“Lifted” – in this case raised – becomes the floor of the antrum. After the healing phase, the required bone height is available for implantation. In favorable cases, we also combine the bone structure with the simultaneous implantation.

Bone structure and bone regeneration

We compensate for the bone loss with different materials. We support the bone formation and the regeneration of the bone with the help of the body’s own bone cells and growth factors. A small amount of blood is enough to gain the so-called PRF: body’s own growth factors from parts of the platelets (thrombocytes).

We carry this endogenous, biologically active preparation to the bone cells. The consequences:

  • Less inflammation
  • More safety in bone regeneration
  • Less discomfort in the healing phase

An even more effective alternative is bone-forming proteins (proteins). As one of the few clinics in Europe, we have many years of experience in the use of such preparations and achieve convincing results.

We know that many dentists do not use implants or include them only in simple cases. That is why we have been cooperating with a number of dental colleagues for years, who refer us to their patients for bone augmentation or implantation.

If you would like to know if an implant treatment is suitable for you and you are looking for a treatment with the specialist, we are happy to cooperate with your dentist. From treatment planning to operative measures to aftercare, we are happy to take care of you and then return them to your dentist for further treatment.

Even if the bone is missing, we have enough alternatives in the PODBI344 in Hanover. Nobody has to do without fixed dentures.

Please contact us in time: 0511 562525.

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