Conditions of participation for participation in product tests in naturheilmagazin

Conditions of participation for participation in product tests in naturheilmagazin

Conditions of participation for participation in product tests in Naturheilmagazin

Visitors to the Naturheilmagazin can participate in the product tests offered there. These are organized by AltaMediNet GmbH, the operator of the online portal Naturheilmagazin, and the respectively designated manufacturer of the products to be tested. With your application and subsequent participation, you accept the following terms and conditions and privacy policy:

When can you participate?

  • All persons with unlimited legal capacity who have reached the age of 18 at the time of their participation and are domiciled in Germany are eligible to participate. Unless otherwise specified, the shipping of the products is only possible within Germany. Selected manufacturers also ship to Austria and Switzerland. This is explicitly stated in the respective product test.
  • Employees of AltaMediNet GmbH, the respective participating companies and manufacturers of the products as well as all persons involved in the conception and implementation of the product test are excluded from participation. Their domestic partners and family members can not participate in a product test.
  • To participate, we require the truthful and complete disclosure of your personal information. For the delivery of the test products the indication of personal data such as name, first name, postal address and e-mail is required. AltaMediNet GmbH reserves the right to exclude persons from the action in case of a violation of the conditions of participation.

How does it work?

  • The product tests run from the call appearing in the Naturheilmagazin under “Producttester gesucht”.
  • Fill out the online form completely and click the button “Register now!”. Application deadline is the day specified at 23:59.
  • Among the applications received, AltaMediNet GmbH selects a number of product testers agreed with the manufacturer. After the application deadline, all selected participants will be informed by the AltaMediNet GmbH about their selection by e-mail. You will receive all information on the course of the action and a test questionnaire. We can not grant you any claim to participation as a tester. The test product will be sent by the manufacturer to the postal address given in the entry form.
  • By participating in the promotion, the selected testers agree to test the product and, by the date specified, submit a review of the product being tested to produkttest @ no_Spam. to send or in the respective provided online form in enter.
  • We reserve the right not to publish or to linguistically test test results that represent the product or its provider in disrespectful or deliberately provocative language. We will, however, publish test results that are negative.

Further instructions

  • The present product test is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • AltaMediNet GmbH is not liable for the products of the respective manufacturers.
  • The legal process is excluded.


Claims for damages arising in connection with the product test against the participating manufacturers / companies or AltaMediNet GmbH are – within the legally permissible limits – excluded, irrespective of the legal grounds, unless the participating companies have intentionally or grossly negligently breached statutory obligations. The liability of the participating companies for damages arising from the impairment of the availability of the product test website in the event of non-controllable technical faults and events of force majeure, as well as attacks by third parties against the product test website is excluded. AltaMediNet will do everything it can to ensure the reliability and functionality of the product testing website. Furthermore, the participating companies and AltaMediNet GmbH do not guarantee that the product test website will function properly or be presented in a specific way on the subscriber’s device.

Another note about privacy

In order to be able to send product tests and reach you, the collection of data is necessary.

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