Excursion destinations salzburg

Excursion destinations Salzburg

Salzburg with children

What trips with children in Salzburg?
Salzburg with its mountains, lakes and sights is one of the most beautiful destinations for a family vacation with children in the mountains. Many do not know: there is the city of Salzburg and then the state of Salzburg. We will show you both here: What are the most beautiful excursion destinations that you should visit with children in the city of Salzburg and in the Salzburg region?

Salzburg and Salzburg with children

We were on the road and show you the most beautiful child-friendly leisure activities and sights for a day trip, which especially please the children – and please us parents. We were in Salzburg with children, in the city and in the country. Especially in the mountains we looked for great day trips with the family and found these tips for you in Salzburg with children:

Discover the city of Salzburg with children

Excursion destinations and sights in Salzburg

The state capital of Salzburg is of course worth a visit in any weather. The spirit of Mozart is blowing in the medieval streets and the magnificent buildings are worthwhile for an entertaining city tour in Salzburg. You can also go up to the fortress (or take the elevator) and enjoy the view of Salzburg’s old town.

One day is not enough for the city of Salzburg. In addition to the city tour, you can also see a lot of things with children in the area. The zoo in Salzburg is beautiful, our little ones liked the brush ears best. You went there with grandma and grandpa.

My tip for your Salzburg trip with children

On the way from Munich to Salzburg, you will also pass the Porsche Toy Museum with the miniature iron world in front of the city. A trip with the children is already worthwhile here at the gates of Salzburg. Attention: Monday is closed. These are the opening times and prices of the dream work.

Take a look at the film by Porsche Traumwerk, where 100 trains run at the same time:

Insanity: 500 sqm miniature train in the Hans-Peter Porsche dream work, great fun not only for children. If you like it, share: -> https://www.familienurlaub-info.com/ausflugsziele/deutschland/bayern/porsche-traumwerk/

Posted by Markus Schmidt on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Salzburg with children: Hallein Salt Mine

Hallein Salt Mine with children

A visit to the Salt Mine in Hallein is highly recommended. It is a few kilometers from the old town of Salzburg. The salt mine is in the mountain, you enter the salt mine with a little train. That alone is a dream destination for children! And then it goes down inside the salt mine on two long slides and with a raft over a salt lake. Unique, a particularly great excursion value. The prices for the mine in Salzburg are not very cheap, but worth the special trip. Here all current information directly on the salt mine website.

Bad weather program Salzburg

The salt mine is also the ideal bad weather program for your family vacation in Salzburg! The air in here is always warm – or cold – at around 9 degrees. The rain and summer heat stay outside.
For us one of the best destinations for a trip with children!

-> watch the pictures and the film of our visit to the Salt Mine here.

Salzburg with children: Kaprun reservoirs

Top excursion destination in Salzburg with children

Far up, turquoise water, great mountain scenery. These are the Kaprun reservoirs! You can get into this scenery without any effort: visitors come from the narrow valley near Kaprun up into the high mountains by bus and the unique inclined elevator. If you want, you can take a little hike or just walk on the dam. The world of electricity is interesting for children: experiments can be done there. Take a look at our pictures and the film here:

-> Kaprun reservoirs

Salzburg with children: Zell am See adventure playground

Another top excursion destination in Salzburg with children

Our children were very enthusiastic about Schmidolin’s baptism of fire. It is a themed trail on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See. The Schmittenbahn goes up, the easy and varied path of the family hike begins at the top. On an easy circular route you will find many unique play stations that you won’t find anywhere else! All are individual, not the same play equipment on a different mountain.

Even more adventurers at Schmidolins Feuerteuafe

Great even in the heat, because the playgrounds and stations are partly in the shady forest. If you like, you can also ride e-motorbikes on a course up there.

-> that was our day at Schmidolin’s baptism of fire

Worthwhile excursion destinations in Salzburg with children

Castles and huge ice world south of Salzburg with children

Around 55 kilometers south of Salzburg there are two major tourist attractions: firstly, Hohenwerfen Castle, which you can already see from the motorway. It stands on the hill very impressively and powerfully, apparently impregnable. Nowadays you can walk comfortably, look at the premises and also follow the flight show with the eagle.

On the other side of the mountain there is one of the top attractions for children in Salzburg, not visible from the outside. It is probably unique in all of Austria: the giant ice world. It can only be visited in the summer months and is constantly changing. A wonder world in ice. On the border with Carinthia, Mauterndorf Castle is worth a visit with children. A tour of the tower is particularly recommended, as is your own children’s tour.

Family trip to Salzburg to waterfalls and gorges

The Krimml waterfalls with children in Salzburg

Salzburg is rich in mountains and water. This can be viewed in various forms. The Krimml waterfalls are particularly impressive. They are the largest waterfalls in Europe. A family-friendly hiking trail leads to the different fall levels. Definitely do with children!

Gorge hikes in Salzburg with children

The most visited gorge in Salzburg is the Liechtenstein Gorge near St. Johann im Pongau. You hike about a kilometer over paths and bridges, through a narrow gorge below the water rushes loudly with full force. A great natural spectacle. The Kitzlochklamm in Taxenbach and the Sigmund Thun Klamm in Kaprun are also very beautiful and family-friendly. Those in Kaprun can also take a trip to the reservoirs that are used to generate electricity.

-> these are the gorge hikes in Salzburg with children.

Salzburg canyoning

Salzburg canyoning with children

We have also been to canyoning in Salzburg. Through an unsecured gorge, we swam in wetsuits protected by the crystal-clear water, jumped in pools and experienced nature from the wild side. What an experience! It is here in the Almbachklamm with children from 6 years.

-> have a look here our pictures of Almbachklamm Canyoning!

Playgrounds in Salzburg

Water playgrounds and themed trails on the mountain in Salzburg

The Salzburg region also has some particularly great playgrounds! In the mountains, as in Tyrol, the mountain railways in Salzburg have created various themed trails or installed water worlds.

Playgrounds in Salzburg

The Teufelswasser in Saalbach Hinterglemm should be mentioned in front when it comes to the water playground. You will find the Baumzipfelweg right next to the Teufelswasser. Not a classic playground, but a path with play stations through the trees. At the end there is also a great low rope garden for young and old. And when it comes to the themed trails, the “Schmidolin Weg” on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See is great with children. We found a huge Alm – playground in Großarl …

Summer tobogganing, playing and jumping in Flachau

You can also take a great trip in Flachau. There you will not only find the fast-paced summer toboggan run "Lucky Flitzer" but also a bouncy castle landscape and various family games.

-> read more about the Lucky Flitzer Flachau here

Salzburg with children in the rain

What to do in rainy weather in the Salzburg region?

If the weather is not so good, you can find some good rainy weather destinations in the city of Salzburg and in the Salzburg region. In addition to the usual museums, you can admire impressive caves, one of the swimming pools, a castle or visit some other bad weather destination. We have an overview of 35 rainy weather destinations in Salzburg with children. Have fun while reading!

-> 35 tips for the Salzburg children’s bad weather program

Remember Salzburg tips

Family hotel in Salzburg and other tips from us

Our tips for excursions with children and where a day trip is worth, we show in detail below on this page. And if you are looking for a family hotel, these are our tips for family hotels in Salzburg.

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