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National holidays

Family vacation in Thailand

Thailand has numerous national holidays. During school holidays and public holidays, many Thai people go on vacation or on trips in their own country. In some places there is much more going on during this time and the hotels are more expensive. Of course it can also be fun to experience the beautiful places together with the locals in this way. But if you prefer to avoid that, please pay attention to the data at the bottom of the page. Expect the high season rates for hotels to be valid a few days before and after the holidays and family vacations in Thailand. The school holidays in Thailand are all around the national holidays.

Holidays in Thailand

Most festivals and holidays in Thailand are of Buddhist origin and are therefore based on the lunar calendar. Thus, some holidays and religious festivals may vary annually.

Historical and national holidays fall on the same date each year, since the public calendar is based on the Western calendar and not the lunar calendar. On these holidays, authorities, offices and banks are closed in Thailand.

Songkran in Thailand – beware of water!

A very important holiday for the Thai people is the Songkran

Songkran falls to the 13.-15. April. Songkran is the Thai New Year. For some it is the time to honor the old, as well as to get ready for the new and to let go. For others, however, it is the perfect excuse to meet in the streets, spend a good time and splash tons of water on anything that moves.

Symbolically this stands for a cleansing of the body and the soul and is to protect humans from misfortune. So you can be lucky if you get a splash of water on the Songkran. However, not only are people celebrating during this time, but the Thai people are also using these days to clean the temples and houses and to pray to the Buddha. Especially in Chiang Mai, the Songkran is celebrated very extensively. Here is washed as a ritual the Buddha. If you are in Chiang Mai during the Songkran, this is certainly also a great experience for you and your children for family holidays Thailand.

Birthday of King Bhumibol

Another important holiday in Thailand is the birthday of King Bhumibol. This is every year on the 5th of December. In Bangkok and the individual regions of the country large celebrations take place. Thus, the houses are decorated with pictures of the king, lights and yellow flags. In Bangkok even the streets are closed in the evenings, so that there can be celebrated extensively. This day is also known as Father‘s Day in Thailand. If you are in Bangkok at the time, you can watch a big firework display in the evening.

Visit golden temples.

Other religious festivals …

In Thailand there are religious holidays throughout the year. Maybe one of them falls on your travel date. For your family holiday Thailand it may be useful if you are informed in advance about the festivals and holidays. Below is a small selection for 2017 and 2018:

March: March 31st is Magha Puja Day. This is a religious holiday in Thailand and takes place on the full moon of the third month of the Thai calendar. This Buddhist holiday is one of the most important in the country, for on that day the Buddha delivered a sermon that is considered the central teaching and heart of Buddhism.

May: May 10th is Vesak Day. This day is also called Buddha’s birthday. The Buddhists celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha on this day.

July: On the 8th of July is Asalha Puja. This is one of the most important religious holidays and recalls the Buddha’s first speech to his people after his enlightenment.

… and holidays

May: On the first of May, Thailand as well as ours celebrate the Labor Day. On May 5 and 6, the Coronation Day is celebrated, on May 5, 1950 King Bhumibol was appointed king. Therefore, the Thai people celebrate May 5 and 6, the Coronation Day.

August: On the 12th of August, the Thai Queen is celebrating her birthday. Also this day is celebrated in Thailand quite big.

October: On October 25-29, 2017, in Bangkok on Sanam Luang Square, opposite the ancient Royal Palace, the cremation ceremonies of King Bhumibol, who passed away last year, will take place. The official date for cremation is the 26th of October, which was declared a holiday. Travelers are kindly requested to be respectful to the public during the day and to wear the darkest possible clothing.

December: On the 31st of December, the Thai people celebrate New Year’s Eve as we do.

The following table summarizes some festivals and holidays for you.

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