Finally order: magic cleaning for beginners! Moms blog, the practical family blog!

Finally order: Magic Cleaning for beginners!

Magic Cleaning: The Konmari method simply explained!

Yesterday I got the 1st episode of the new program on Netflix Clean up (aka T > -> my own minimalism project I would like to address you today in a field report the most important points to Konmari method to explain. You will learn today:

The history:

I always thought ours Chaos would not bother me much. At times I even liked it cozy between all the things that lay around in the house and had no fixed place. That changed 1.5 years ago when I got my whole personal minimalism project started. What this project has done you can do in -> this post read here. I have thereby u.a. learned how positive yourself outer structure It affects my well-being and how well I focus on things that really mean something to me.

The Konmari method short & easily explained:

Basically, the method of Marie Kondo is about it, that you should only own things that make you really happy (-> Marie Kondo calls these things “things that spark joy”). To achieve this goal, one should 1 x TRUE AND FINAL CLEANING!

I would summarize the 6 basic rules as follows:

  1. Rooms once & finally on!
  2. First of all put ALL things in one category (eg clothes, books, memories) in a heap!
  3. Ask yourself every part you own, if it makes you happy!
  4. Separate yourself from the things that do not make you happy! -> In this post I show you what you can do with the sorted out things.
  5. Search for a permanent location for every item you own.
  6. Store clothes as “standing” as possible in drawers for a better overview. There is a special folding technique that I show you in this video:

I stuck to these points and added the 4 boxes trick (or 3 boxes + a garbage bag) applied. Although he is not from Marie Kondo, but is still recommended:

Easier to clean up with the 4-box trick

  • In the first box came all the things that I did to keep wanted to.
  • In the 2nd came things that I donate wanted to,
  • In the 3rd things came, of which I (at least) Do not disconnect could. This box came into the cellar and was looked through again after a certain time.
  • The rest came in the trash bag.

That’s how I did it, step by step to declutter our whole house. Only at the basement I have failed so far. The is now but 2019 at the top of my list. Incidentally, I have captured the individual steps in pictures. If you are interested, I can in the next few days times a contribution to the topic 18 months of minimalism write! Now I have some tips for you, which you should pay attention to when cleaning up.

Things to keep in mind when cleaning up:

  • Do not take too much time! ever faster and more consistent you clean up, the greater your chances of success!
  • Do not keep things just because they once cost money or a gift. This will not return the money!
  • If you are not sure if something makes you happy, then it can go away!
  • Uses possibilities to Save memories digitally! Photographs children’s pictures or memorabilia that remind you of special people or moments instead of letting them rot in a box in the basement. With apps like Evernote you can find them anytime.
  • Rethink the idea that you always be prepared for every situation. I mean, do you really need 35 coffee cups? Or dishes for 20 people? When did you last use all the electronic tools? And: Will you really wear the 20 year old ski boots when you go skiing again? Meanwhile, you can borrow almost everything in a few minutes and for little money.

Why the consistent cleaning up can change your life

Finally, I would like to mention two things that I get through this consistent cleaning up have learned. These are the answers to the questions: What is really important to me?? AND: How can I let go of things that do me no good?? It’s not just that Space in the house created, but also in my life. Also, I feel I have a lot more time, although I spend less time tidying up. Perfect, or?

Oh so: If you now think that it now always looks so tidy with us, as in the picture above, I can reassure you: There are also days when it looks like a bomb hit. Unlike in the past, however, this is no longer permanent.

Now, as always, your opinion interests me. Do you have questions? Own experiences? Or suggestions? I’m looking forward for comments. If you own a blog, you can also use the comments box to link your own posts!

Super Saver: The audio book Magic Cleaning is also available Spotify! Plus, you can easily listen to it for free if you sign up for one Audible trial subscription decides (-> unsolicited advertising).

More articles about Minimalism / Magic Cleaning can be found here on my blog:

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