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Basically, I am a person who is firmly on the ground with both legs. I am not one who is too caught up in supernatural things and yet there are always moments in my life that make me wonder. Voices that I hear, power animals I increasingly see or dreams that suddenly come true.

But ghosts?

Personally, I have not made any acquaintance with them. And then came my night in St. Augustine – and a slightly different tour of the oldest European city populated by Europeans.

A long journey

We reach St. Augustine after a long drive from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. We are tired and yet we want to discover something of this city. I first notice the Castillo de San Marcos, which was built in the 17th century instead of a wooden fort. It sounds Spanish – but I can not say for sure.

I almost feel like arriving in Europe after the long journey. There is a pedestrian area, the houses are a bit different and our hotel uses a parking garage a few hundred meters away. Should I respect that only 50 meters from our hotel is a cemetery?

A heaven like out of a scary movie

While Anja looks around the city center a little bit, I witness an incredible phenomenon. I do not know what it was, but the sun darkened with a “brown” cloud. This mystical mood was the starting signal for an evening – which I will not forget soon.

We walk through the streets and discover some nice little sights. A wax cabinet, the oldest wooden school in the US (which does not look so old;)) and numerous trolleybuses meet us on the way. We still have about 1 1/2 hours to go to our “Ghost Tour” and arrive at the Collage Restaurant in St. Augustine.

A stroke of luck, because our salad and the noodles were incredibly good and the good reviews absolutely justified. So good – we almost lost track of time. Only 20 minutes left? We have to go!

In the footsteps of the spirits

It dawns slightly as we meet with an illustrious group in a small square between Flagler College and Casa Monica Hotel. Children are there, retirees, couples and also a few brave lone fighters. We are accompanied by an illustrious lady – who shows us first photos of past tours. Photos of – I do not believe it – ghosts spotted. At this moment, I still believe that this lady can tell us a lot. No – there are no ghosts. And such a tour is nice, but certainly only a lot of show.

The stories of St. Augustine

In addition to some general information about the history of the city, our guide Gail tells us many stories about the city’s inhabitants. I dare remember a few stories – but I can not really play them back. Maybe it’s because I listened in half-heartedly, that I forgot everything because of the shock or that I was always tempted to take reasonably good photos.

There was the story of three generals still flirting with young ladies near the cemetery at the old city gate. Or the tree of the loving, under whom one should kiss for everlasting love. Or the Italian restaurant where a small child has been hiding for many years.

I listen attentively and let myself deeper and deeper into the stories of St. Augustine. The city center is quite small – and yet I always discover new corners.

And then it happens.

In a parking lot on which once natives were buried and on which it is still haunted today. It’s just a feeling. Such a “here is something” feeling. I can barely follow the story we are told and photograph randomly. That’s a bit difficult anyway with these dark conditions.

between their arms? I believe – in that moment I have seen the first spirit of my life. I do not believe it and look at the picture over and over again. Anja thinks me in between – but I’ll stick with it. There was something on the way. Something not earthy. Something beyond my imagination.

So now I was infected by this ghost fever. And the spirits wanted to get acquainted with me this evening. My bag handle slipped off my shoulder (and it was really stuck there), I suddenly saw lights in the cemetery and I was constantly watching myself. A thoroughly macabre, if exciting, experience. Then I walk alone back to the hotel. In the back of the question – just a well-made tourist highlight or reality?

I spend the night without ghosts.

Anja wakes me up in the morning at 6 o’clock. Today the journey continues towards Jacksonville. I am a little sad not to have seen much more of St. Augustine. But a city that has become so old in the US – will probably still be there in a few years.

What else do you need to know?

  • St. Augustine has many attractions, restaurants and hotels, making it ideal for a multi-day stay.
  • Even if you do not use any of the numerous attractions, it is worth a stroll through the city. Numerous buildings from different epochs give a very different picture of the USA.
  • The restaurant Collage is located in a side street. In the low season you can be lucky as we get a free table, but I would recommend a table to reserve. More information about this real restaurant recommendation can be found here
  • The ghost tour of St. Augustine, which I have accompanied, lasts 75 minutes and starts at 8 pm on Granada Street (between Casa Monica Hotel and Lightner Museum). For the tour, you pay $ 20 to make a reservation. On the subject of “ghosts” there are more tours in town. So you can also drive around with a trolley and connect the ghost tour with a visit to the pub. More information can be found here.

How to get to St. Augustine?

For the journey to St. Augustine a car is recommended. In the city there is a parking garage, which is within walking distance of the hotel and also from the city center. For $ 12 (or $ 3 with ParkNow Card) you can park there all day. The package for “Overnight” costs $ 35 + tax. More information can be found here. If you stay at the hotel, you pay $ 7.50 a night.

There is a Greyhound Station – the city is also easy to reach by long-distance bus.

Where did we spend the night??

We stayed at a very nice hotel in the center of town, the St. George Inn. The hotel has direct access to the pedestrian promenade and rooms distributed in several houses. These are very generous in terms of room size and can be used both without and with air conditioning.

We slept very well, if only briefly. Unfortunately we had to leave before breakfast so can not give any information about it. The average prices are $ 150 per night.

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  • Thomas was in St. Augustine at Christmas time.
  • We also wrote a lot about Florida.
  • What else you can do in St. Augustine, Saskia tells you

Disclosure: I was invited to the Ghost Tour by St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches Visitors and Convention Bureau, and we also paid a cheaper media rate for the hotel.


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