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The GIMP download brings you an open source program for image editing on the computer, which despite free availability has a professional feature set.

Note: In addition to the installation version, GIMP is also available as a portable version. GIMP Portable requires no installation and can be installed from the USB stick if desired. There is also a version for Mac. All variants have the same advantages described below and can be downloaded via our download buttons.

Of the GIMP download is now one of the most popular image editing programs in the software market and in the graphics / desktop category. Relatively easy to use, equipped with numerous functions and also available for free – no question that many users rely on the tool with the Fuchs icon, more and more often to avoid expensive competition products such as Adobe Photoshop and prefer to use the GIMP download.

>> GIMP – Short introduction to the functions of open source image editing:

GIMP Download: History of the free image editing program

GIMP was released as a trial version back in 1995 and was part of a student research project. As a beta version for Linux, the GNU Image Manipulation Program – the full name – finally came out in early 1996. Because of the enormous scope of services that GIMP already had in the early days, the image processing software was able to spread relatively quickly among Linux users. Since then, new versions of the GIMP download have appeared at irregular intervals; the 2nd generation of GIMP (GIMP 2) already had a redesigned graphical user interface, especially the version GIMP 2.6 with GEGL provided an independent image processing library, which significantly expanded the range of tasks of GIMP.

The extensive functions of GIMP

Today, the free software is particularly convincing thanks to a wealth of selection tools that can be used to mark and cut rectangular, elliptical and round areas as part of image processing. In addition, painting tools or transformation elements allow the targeted modification of the images, for example when it concerns the quality or size of the images, the addition and modification of various colors or the shifting, cutting and scaling of individual surfaces. The user can change the image size as desired, create defined frames, draw circles and work with various brushes, loupes or sponges.

In our picture gallery we present you the 10 best free graphic tools:

One of the special features of GIMP is the remarkable collection of filters that can be used to create artistically high-quality motifs: different blur elements can be inserted, relief and mosaic effects incorporated, and even an oil painting or comic created out of the corresponding image. In addition, standard features such as contrast, brightness, zoom or the integration of text elements are part of the repertoire. If that’s not enough, you have access to a large collection of plug-ins that can greatly expand tool selection.

More complex image editing tasks are implemented primarily by means of the layer function; Here, users can work with effects and filters on the individual surfaces and make the layers visible both in a transparent form or with the help of different cover variants (see also GIMP Display Layers).

Another advantage: Numerous import filters allow the user to edit graphics from other applications under GIMP.

So you can easily open the Paintshop format PSP with GIMP; After the GIMP download and in the course of the installation you can select all desired image formats.

In our picture gallery we show you the most beautiful screenshots:

GIMP is best for graphics professionals

The GIMP download is particularly well suited for graphics professionals who can not or do not want to resort to an expensive program like Photoshop. Beginners can work with GIMP in professional image editing, without having to spend the same amount of money. If you are looking for an easier-to-use tool, you may be well advised to use PhotoFiltre. However, this of course does not offer the extensive possibilities of GIMP.

The GIMP download is also available for 64-bit Windows computers, as well as a stand-alone portable version and in the variant for Mac users. Equipped with a comprehensive GIMP manual, every beginner will find GIMP easy to use in no time. The tutorial gives a lot of information about how to possibly free up objects, add new fonts, replace colors, change languages ​​and much more.

With GIMP 2.10 a comprehensive update for GIMP has been published after six years. Read more about the new features in our news.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a really professional graphics program and do not want to spend several hundred Euros for Photoshop on a regular basis, I should definitely take a look at Gimp. Have you ever tried Gimp??

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