Holistic ophthalmology by first-class specialists – premium clinics – practice

Holistic ophthalmology by first-class specialists - premium clinics - practice

Eyes laser: never again glasses!

The eye is our gateway to the world. Good to see gives us security and orientation. Every second, the eye delivers ten million pieces of environmental information to our brain. This makes it our most important sensory organ. But not only from a biological point of view is the eye a sensation. It is also the mirror of the soul: fear and joy, surprise and anger – the look in the eyes of our counterpart reveals his feelings. That’s why our eyes care that we take good care of them – and put their treatment in the hands of specialists like the PREMIUM ophthalmologists.

At the forefront of eye surgery is still the treatment of cataracts. Every year, the PREMIUM ophthalmologists in Germany and Switzerland carry out many thousands of operations. The procedure has a 60-year history and is one of the safest surgeries on the human body. Ultrasound or laser destroy the clouded lens; then the debris are sucked off and replaced by an artificial lens.

Modern art lenses against ametropia

More and more often, the eye surgeons correct an existing ametropia by using a lens with the right optical properties for the patient. The selection of lenses is constantly growing, and good advice from the specialist is an important part of successful treatment. After an individually adapted cataract surgery, in which the artificial lens was individually optimally selected, many patients feel the quality of clear vision as a small miracle.

Due to the good and safe operation methods with the laser, the correction of ametropia becomes even more important for people without eye diseases: More and more people are using the possibilities of modern laser surgery to get rid of their glasses. About 125,000 refractive procedures are performed by specialized ophthalmologists in Germany every year.

Particularly precise and gentle: femtosecond laser

In the specialized PREMIUM eye clinics, for example, ophthalmologists use the femtosecond laser, which works very gently, with extremely small cuts and virtually without contact. The Femtolaser is probably the most well-known laser innovation further innovation is the ReLEx-smile procedure, which should reduce the risk of a dry eye. A lenticular tissue slab is pulled out over a tiny incision – without opening the cornea. The corneal surface remains uninjured except for the tiny incision.

So many ophthalmologists are pioneers and specialists in one. Even the PREMIUM eye surgeons are something special: they are characterized by being masters of their field. They work with the most modern equipment and the latest technologies. They master diagnostics and therapy equally and run their practices and clinics with medical staff who are well-trained. And they have a strong human side. Because the trust of the patient is the basis for their success. They understand how to relieve people of the potential discomfort of thinking about eye surgery.

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Latest methods

Modern ophthalmology

Femtosecond laser in cataract surgery (cataract, lens opacity)

Back in 2001, femtosecond laser technology was designed to help eye surgeons gain more and safer flaps for Lasik surgery. However, the technology was so convincing that it has been further developed and has since been used in corneal and cataract surgery.

ReLEx smile: Latest eye laser method for myopia

From the rapid development of refractive surgery – the treatment of refractive errors – patients benefit as never before. However, the currently most innovative laser treatment is only offered by a few specialists in Germany: the so-called ReLEx smile method (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction). As one of the leading specialist clinics in Central Germany, the Eye and Laser Center Leipzig offers this procedure. “ReLEx smile is currently the most appropriate method for laser vision loss, even for severe myopia,” Dr. med. Laszlo Kiraly the advantages: “This gentle method offers both unimaginable precision and absolute freedom from pain.” The experienced surgeon, who operates more than 1,000 patients annually, is a member of PREMIUM KLINIKEN & With its Eye and Laser Center Leipzig, PRAXEN is also a member of the SMILE EYES Clinic Group, which stands for laser eye surgery of the highest medical level.

OCT and OPTOS Scanners – the Best Retinal Diagnosis for Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

It’s just a tiny spot on the retina of the eye – but it’s the point of sharpest vision. Only about five millimeters is the diameter of the macula lutea, also called yellow spot. It is the center of our field of vision: visual cells in the form of cones and rods are extremely concentrated here. With increasing age, many people are threatened with damage to this eminently important region, where metabolic products are deposited there and damage cells. This disease, the so-called age-related macular degeneration (AMD), is now regarded as a veritable widespread disease. In Germany alone, more than four million people are affected. They are threatened by old-age blindness, because the disease can hardly be cured, a progression can be slowed down at most. “That’s why early detection using state-of-the-art diagnostics is so important.” Tobias Neuhann, who runs the first eye diagnostics center of its kind in Germany (ADC Munich) in Munich, in addition to a well-known eye clinic and the center for refractive surgery.

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