Home remedies for cough in children

These little home remedies help cough up children!

Children sometimes need a little different home remedy for cough than we adults do

The to cough is coming, whether we want it or not, to almost every one of us. Especially now in the fall you caught a cold quickly.

We adults can handle it, but our little children are struggling a little more with the symptoms of the cold. Good if you have a few effective ones now Home remedies for cough at hand for children.

Children who like cold symptoms Cough or runny nose have to struggle are often obnoxious and whining constantly. Classic drugs and remedies against coughing are often difficult to get into children.

If you now have a few simple cough home remedies to relieve the coughing attacks, you’re a few steps further.

Simple home remedies for cough

Warm drinks are important for coughing and hoarseness.

Try to make your children taste warm drinks as possible.

Peppermint and chamomile tea help particularly well. Add a few spoons of honey to the tea to make it more palatable for your child.

The honey itself also contains many natural active ingredients that help against cough, runny nose and other cold symptoms.

Sufficient fluid is important to avoid dry mucous membranes.

The viruses and bacteria responsible for the common cold feel particularly good in the mucous membranes. The drier, the better for the multiplication of viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, make sure that your children drink as much as possible.

Mucus residues can then be coughed up better.

In addition to sufficient liquid, water vapor in combination with herbs is an excellent home remedy for respiratory diseases such as cough.

Steam baths help with coughing and runny nose

So put your child under a steam bath once or twice a day.

You can get ready-made steam bath solutions in any pharmacy.

Steam bath solutions for inhalation contain essential oils of many medicinal herbs, which have an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect against the symptoms of cough.

steam baths Incidentally, they have been a very effective home remedy for cough and runny nose.

Your child should inhale the herbal steam for at least five to ten minutes.

The easiest way to do this is with an inhaler, which is available in various designs.

If you don’t have one on hand, just take a small bowl. Put a few drops of the inhalation solution in the bowl and pour hot water over them.

Now take a large towel that you hang over your child’s head.

Now your coughed child only has to hold his head over the bowl.

Warm chest wraps against cough

With colds, it is very important that the body has enough sleep and rest to be able to recover better.

This is the right time to help the weakened body heal with another remedy.

Use warm breast wraps that support the healing process for cough restrictions and bronchitis.

Rub the chest and back area a little beforehand with cough ointment or similar natural ingredients. The active ingredients can now act much more effectively against the cough, since they are better absorbed by the body within the warm breast wrap.

Read more about effective natural home remedies for coughs, colds and colds:

Thomas von Ratgeber-Hausmittel wishes you much success in the quick healing of colds with our home remedies for cough in children.

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