Invisalign – dentist dr

Invisalign - dentist dr

Invisalign in Berlin: Your way to straight teeth

You want to be able to smile without hesitation and fear with straight teeth, but do not want to walk around with a fixed metal braces? Then Invisalign could be just right for you and your teeth.

This is another type of braces. The transparent design of the so-called Aligner resembles the conventional crunching rail. The brand name Invisalign is composed of the English word “invisible”, invisible, and “Aligner” organizer. In the meantime, even around 80 percent of all orthodontic cases, such as crossbite, open bite or even progeny, can be treated with Invisalign. Slight tooth misalignments can thus also straighten properly. But for whom is this treatment the best option? We decide that depending on the complexity of the malposition. We are happy to inform and advise you in detail about it. There is no age restriction. For adults, as well as children and adolescents, Invisalign is the optimal way to get straight teeth.

Advantages of transparent braces

The design

Invisalign is now considered an absolute trend among dental corrections. There are many reasons for that. The most convincing is the invisible and inconspicuous design. While many sufferers of odd teeth struggle with the metal look of a conventional brace, the Invisalign wearers enjoy the same result when used correctly – but without much impairment to their external appearance.

The care

This also makes the dental splint so smart. It is incredibly easy to care for and easy to remove at any time. That means: No more annoying food leftovers out of the metal braces. For eating, smoking and drinking tea, soda, or coffee, the rail should be taken out, so that the plastic, which make up the Aligner, not discolored. Then you can brush his teeth as usual and put the rail back in place. You can also clean the splint yourself with conventional toothpaste. However, there are also special detergents that have been specially developed for loose braces.

The treatment

Another big advantage is the uncomplicated treatment. The teeth are photographed before treatment by means of a scanner and the pre-installed program automatically calculates the treatment process. This means that you have no annoying impressions and countless visits to the dentist. Everything is measured, calculated and commissioned in 3D using a digital scan. So a completely simple process.

The duration of treatment and the number of splints will vary from case to case, depending on the severity of the malocclusion. Before finally the rails can be used, isolated plastic attachments are attached to the teeth. They serve as anchorage and point of attack for the respective rotations with the Invisalign rail. After making the rails, they are initially always replaced in phases phased by instruction. After the fifth track then always changing weekly. For best results, wear the clips at least 22 hours a day. Check-ups are only needed every few weeks or if complications occur during treatment. In general, you can always make an appointment online with us if you would like to discuss something.

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