How it works with the grant

Basically, parents receive their child at a work and travel-Program participates, no child benefit. We show you how it works anyway.

Work and travel: what is it?

Work and travel is a popular form of travel. You earn the necessary financial means for the stay abroad through casual jobs on site. Abitur graduates in particular use such programs. Because it is hard to get to know distant countries and people off the typical tourist paths. Preferred destinations are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA. Of course, foreign language skills should also be improved. But what about child benefit during this time??

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UV rays not only attack the skin, but can also damage the retina in the eye. And because children’s eyes are particularly susceptible, your offspring should always wear sunglasses when the sun is shining.

Do not underestimate the dangers of UV rays for children’s eyes

No question, sunlight has many positive effects on us humans. It stimulates cell formation, strengthens the immune system and improves performance. But without sufficient sun protection, UV radiation from the sun can damage our health. Not only the skin is affected, but also the eyes. Glare and UV radiation can cause many eye ailments in the long term. Children are even more at risk than adults because their eyes are not yet fully developed. For example, they have larger pupils and lighter lenses than adults, which can cause more UV rays to enter the eye and damage the retina. Nathalie Gümmer from Apollo-Optik and Kerstin Kruschinski from Kuratorium Gutes Sehen e.V. summarise the most important points on the subject of sun protection for children’s eyes in seven points:

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Flexible arrival: start of free work (FA)

The children come to school from half past eight. At 8:00 a.m., school begins bindingly for all children. Each child is greeted personally and writes his own "Days Foresight". If necessary, the current learning objectives are discussed with an educator.

FA / teacher presentations

In free work, children can work with free work materials according to their level of learning. Children work individually or in small groups.

During this time, the pedagogues are there as learning companions, they make new offers when a child needs a new challenge or help when a child is looking for help.
Presentations by the educators also take place during the freelance work. Here, an educator shows new materials from a small group of children. The children can then continue to work with this material alone.

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All men on deck and ready to play! At the pirate party, the little sailors and women are of course primarily interested in the treasures that can be looted at the birthday games. But the birthday games must of course fit the theme of the party, otherwise no pirate will probably go on board to play with the landlubbers. But no fear, here you will find the best games for the pirate party.

pirates gold

The game "Pirate Gold" should not be missing at any pirate party. However, you need to do a little preparatory work for this game. Your little pirate will be happy to help you prepare for the children’s birthday. For the game you need to fold small paper boats. You need about three to four boats per child. The more paper boats you have, the more difficult and therefore more exciting the pirate game becomes. As pirate gold, you ideally take gold coins, either plastic or chocolate. You need so many gold coins that there is a coin hidden under every third ship. After you have folded all the paper boats, a gold coin is stuck under every third ship.

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COPD – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

What is COPD? The abbreviation stands for “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease“; this means chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Apart from the lungs themselves, the upper respiratory tract is also affected by the disease; as the disease progresses, other organs such as the heart may be damaged (cor pulmonale).

The disease is characterized by partial reversible constriction of the bronchi. Since COPD occurs mainly in smokers, many sufferers consider the disease symptoms to be “normal smoker’s cough” and delay the visit to the doctor.

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"Childhood obesity is not a cosmetic problem or something the child will simply grow out of. Obese children tend to become obese adults and there are many medical problems with obesity. Children now take the same type of medication as their parents manage blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. That is terrifying, but it is true ", said Dr. Rani Whitfield, a spokesman for the American Heart Association.

Le >The prevalence of obesity in children aged 6-11 years increased from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012, while the proportion of obese adolescents aged 12-19 years increased from 5% to 21% over the same period.

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Your most beautiful holiday photos powered by clixxie

advertising The holidays are slowly coming to an end and most of us remember relaxing, exciting and special trips. With me always in the return luggage: a lot of photos! The most beautiful of them usually sleep too long on memory cards and hard disks. I have once again reviewed our three great trips in 2016 and have our best holiday photos printed. Starting from Norway in winter about the Côte d’Azur in spring until now to ours Road trip through the USA and Canada.

clixxie has offered to test three photo apps and to have my most beautiful holiday photos produced as Polaroids, calendars and photo books. The three required iPhone apps were installed quickly and all three work intuitively and quickly.

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Dose Bread vs. Prepper – Why It Will Survive You

Water for two weeks, dried food and canned food with basic foods, the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance recommends to create every household.

The grandfather would turn up his nose while looking at my canned bread, since he remembers commissariat bread as an iron reserve from wartime.

But every prepper knows that less a war risk, but quite common situations can lead to supply bottlenecks: flood or snow cuts off traffic routes, in major power outages spoil uncooled food or bakers go on strike: Hamsterkäufe empty the shelves in the supermarket in no time.

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History and use of - the kita manual: 2000-2019

History and use of "The Kita Manual": 2000-2019

History and use of "The Kita Guide": 2000-2019

Martin R. Textor

The website was established in 2000 by Martin R. Textor. The first 45 articles were posted on 01.08.2000 in the online manual. These were exclusively texts by the editor (Martin R. Textor) and his wife (Ingeborg Becker-Textor). But already from the 17.10.2000 reference books were pointed out by other authors; The first articles of other contributors have already been added to the website on 24.10.2000. So the direction was clear: The online manual "Kindergartenpädagogik" It is designed to provide professionals in day-care centers, students at (vocational) technical colleges and universities, parents and other interested parties with free access to specialist articles on child day care and to draw their attention to books on this subject.

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Many parents see their two-year-olds as too small to set limits. However, it is important to start early so that tantrums do not become a preferred method of enforcing your will.

Setting two-year limits is not an easy task. It is normal for children of this age to want to be independent and do what they want. They also think that a tantrum gives them what they want. So it’s important to stay calm and in control.

When parents set rules and limits, they do so to keep children from always doing their will. moreover teach them to value and respect themselves the most.

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