Between Füssen and Pfronten stretches the long Zirmgrat, which offers magnificent views over the Austrian Vilstal to the north side of the wild Tannheimer mountains.

In a hollow framed by dark forests lies the mysterious Alatsee.

Hike to the ruin Falkenstein at a glance

3 Difficulty3,5 hours Walking time10 km Länge↑↓ 550 Hm Altitude difference

Lakes and mountains between feet and fronts

Between Füssen and Pfronte stretches the long Zirmgrat, which offers magnificent views over the Austrian Vilstal to the north side of the wild Tannheimer mountains. At its western end, the ridge with the Falkenstein ruin bears the remains of what was once Germany’s highest castle. At the northern foot of the Zirmgrat lies the friendly Weißensee lake, which in summer is one of the most popular bathing spots in the Füssen hinterland. And at the top of the ridge, the Alatsee is hidden in a hollow surrounded by steep forest slopes. The picturesque mountain lake, where you can swim without hesitation, holds some secrets. Its sulphurous deep water, coloured red by algae, is poisonous. Diving in the lake is therefore life-threatening and strictly forbidden. During the Second World War, the lake was a military restricted area in which probably secret weapons were tested. Even in the post-war period, access to the lake was closed for a long time. The treasures suspected of being on its hostile ground have remained untraceable to this day.

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10 Top activities on the Dutch coast with children – A guest article

(Advertising) Kilometres of sandy beaches and unspoilt dunes: The Dutch coast stretches from Zealand via South and North Holland up to the North Sea islands. The Netherlands is well known for its child friendliness and has a lot to offer children. If you’re planning a family holiday in the Netherlands, you won’t be bored with the following tips.

Fun in a bottle at the beach – Family friendly beaches in Holland

The child-friendliness of the Dutch is also reflected on the beaches: time and again you will discover small playgrounds, bouncy castles and trampolines in the sand, and the risk of injury is relatively low in the soft sand.

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The body temperature is, as the name suggests, the temperature of a human or animal body. Normally this should be between 35.8°C and 37.2°C in humans. But what if the body temperature is higher? What causes can this have and how can increased temperature be treated? These questions are answered below.

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What is elevated temperature?

First of all, it must be defined when a person suffers from increased temperature and when it begins to degenerate into fever. We speak of an increased temperature when the body temperature has not yet exceeded 38.0°C. This is the time when the body temperature is increased.

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Here clearly to see: whitish yellow spots on the upper incisors. You are affected by an MIH.

(Photo: Maurizio Procaccini et al/Wikipedia/CC BY 2.0)

Caries is hardly common among children any more, but another dental disease is puzzling: With the MIH, teeth can simply break away. The disorder is already caused at baby age – or even earlier. What is behind it? An interview.

Almost one third of all twelve-year-olds in Germany are affected: Their teeth are free of caries and yet at least one tooth has white or yellowish-brown spots, is sometimes very sensitive to touch and, if things get bad, simply crumbles away. The disease is called molar incision hypomineralisation, or MIH for short. This sounds bulky, but describes well what it is all about: Never is the entire child’s dentition affected by the disease, but it is the first permanent molar teeth that the dentist calls six-year molars, as well as the upper front teeth, the incisors. The reason for the discomfort is that the enamel of these teeth lacks minerals – hence hypomineralization.

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Welcome to our state of the art dental practice which was opened in February 2009, by Dr. Verena Berger-Kahle.

We value the power of teamwork, to let honesty, integrity and strong moral character guide our business and personal conduct. It is our goal to foster patient relationships, based upon mutual trust and respect. By doing so, we aim to achieve a lifetime bond of providing the finest in oral health to our patients.

We believe that an individual seeking dental care at “Zahnärzte im Werksviertel” can expect to receive superior care, with personalised attention, in a sincere and compassionate environment.

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From Josefine Janert

Father Andreas Knapp works in Leipzig with refugees of all religions. But again and again he encounters problems which Christian refugees from the Middle East have here – due to mobbing by Muslim fellow refugees.

Andreas Knapp: “Hello!”

Andreas Knapp: “What are you looking for? Ah! But that’s very bad. You need a liberation. Exemption from the radio licence fee. You have to go to the job centre. “

Wednesday afternoon in Leipzig’s Grünau prefabricated district: Andreas Knapp looks at the letter that an agitated woman holds out to him. The 58-year-old priest often meets people who spontaneously ask him for help. Knapp has founded an initiative with neighbours and members of the Catholic student community. They take care of refugees on a voluntary basis, regardless of their religion. They help children with their homework and their parents with everyday things.

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Book cheap holidays with All Inclusive

With an all-inclusive holiday, you are opting for the affordable all-round carefree package. All culinary delicacies, non-alcoholic refreshments and often cocktails are already included in the price. Many hotels offer a varied range of leisure and sports activities. Whether Mallorca, Egypt or Turkey – your cheap All Inclusive holidays are only a few clicks away – at FTI you will find cheap All Inclusive offers in the most beautiful destinations.

Top All Inclusive Hotel Tips


1 week/DZ at LABRANDA Riviera Hotel & Spa with All Inclusive, incl. flight

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SportScheck Frankfurt direct at the Zeil Schaefergasse 10 60313 Frankfurt


Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00 o’clock


The branch offers you great services around your sports experience:

  • treadmill analysis
  • Ski and snowboard service
  • shoe test track
  • flocking
  • shoe test track
  • 2D footscan

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consultation appointment

Consulting completely tailored to your needs: Book your personal shopping advisor in the store.


GPS and pulse watch maintenance

Inline Skate Service


The first step for the perfect shoe is to determine the exact foot measurements. With our 2D-Footscan this is easy, fast and free of charge. So we can recommend you a suitable preselection.

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The waiting room is equipped with real aircraft seats. A part of the ceiling was designed in the form of a ceiling sail as an aircraft wing.

A visit to the kidsdocs-air children’s dental practice in Berlin-Steglitz is intended to be a positive experience for the little patients, so that fear of the dentist does not arise in the first place. Accordingly, the entire appearance of the new practice was imaginatively designed under the leitmotif “Flying”.

The planning of this extraordinary practical concept was carried out by the interior architects planbar 3 from Berlin. The finishing work was carried out by the specialist company Möbel Damm GmbH with the aid of dry construction systems made of sheetrock, with which the special shapes of the aircraft elements could be expertly created.

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Relaxed holiday with baby

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Would you like to spend a carefree and relaxed holiday with your baby? Here at FTI you will find a wide range of baby-friendly hotels that specialise in the special needs of families with small children. Our baby hotels have highchairs, baby cots, baby carriages, a babysitter service and many other amenities that will turn your holiday with your treasure into a relaxing family holiday!

Hotel recommendations for a holiday with baby (hotel & flight)


1 week / SU at H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens with All Inclusive, incl. flight

1 week / FZ at LABRANDA Marine Aquapark Resort with All Inclusive, incl. Flight

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